4WD Beach Rules and Safety

We are a large stockist of a number of 4WD tyre brands. It just makes sense that a large number of our customer base are 4WD enthusiasts. We are big fans off all things off-road so here are some 4WD beach rules and safety tips for your next adventure. 

In Queensland we have access to some of the best beaches. While the Gold Coast and Burleigh Heads may be limiting to beach access, there are many surrounding beaches perfect for off-road driving. 

You can check out existing regulations from the QLD government here. 

So, where can I drive?

You can contact your local council regarding permits and beach driving restrictions. They can give you an answer whether or not it is legal to drive at a certain beach. You may also find information of the website of the park. 


Your responsibility as a driver is to be considerate to wildlife and practice safety measures to cause little disturbance to people on the beach. If in doubt follow the normal road rules. 

You should

Be trained in what to do in the case of an emergency, towing or snatch strap recovery. Travelling at low tide is ideal. 

Be aware of weight distribution. 

Drive on the harder sand when possible. 

Carry a tyre pressure gauge. Be aware of your vehicles tyre inflation requirements. 

Track conditions. 


To ensure your safety and they safety of your passengers your vehicle must be built and prepared for beach driving. Firstly, your 4WD should have a high clearance and low range gear selection. Secondly, know your vehicle. Make sure it can cope with deep and soft sand, anomalies, poor conditions, bumpy tracks and is not overly top heavy. And thirdly, bring the appropriate gear such as a pressure gauge, first aid kit, water, portable pump and shovel. 


4WD Beach Rules and Safety. Image via Pinterest. 

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