Alloy or Steel Rims?

Which is better? Alloy or steel rims? There are advantages and disadvantages to both from aesthetics to performance. Our team are firm believers that alloy is the way to go. Alloy rims are generally more expensive but is reflected within performance. Steel rims however, may be the right choice for you. 


Alloy wheels are made of a mixture of materials. When you purchase a new car the option of alloy will be at an extra cost. Often, these are sourced from tyre dealerships after the purchase of your new car. Alloy wheels may also be known as ‘mag wheels’. The manufacturing process of the varied material rims often varies from steel. So, they are lighter and durable. 


Steel wheels are your stock standard. They are the most common selection of rims, undertaking a different manufacturing process to alloy. Steel is also highly durable but easier to repair. 


So, what is the best choice for your vehicle?

If you want your vehicle to look great and are willing to splash a bit of extra cash, alloy is the choice for you. They ofter an endless selection of finishes and overall spoke options. They are highly durable but can be subject to some scratching and impact. Their lightweight feature speaks to overall performance, fuel economy, steering and vehicle handling. If you own a 4WD alloy is the best choice as they are generally designed for off-road use, performance and all-purpose use. 

Steel is highly durable and is made to last. You will rarely ever hear of a damaged steel rim. If you own a passenger car or are simply just looking to drive from A to B, these are your best option. They are low cost and easy to maintain. 


Alloy or Steel Rims? Image via Engineering Clicks

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