Tyre Advice That Can Be Very Helpful

Tyres are one of the most important things on vehicles & obviously a lot of other things are as well. Although tyres don’t last forever, after a few years you can notice on a lot of cars with old tyres they start cracking. Most of the time this would mean you are due for new tyres. Below I’ll mention how to get the maximum life out of your tyres and why it’s highly dangerous to drive with old cracked tyres.

Why it’s Dangerous Driving with Cracked Tyres

Cracks on your tyres would mean they’re cracking from old age or from wearing out. When a tyre is cracked it means that it’ll be most likely losing air or could explode. Which would make it very dangerous if you’re driving at a high speed. When driving with cracked tyres the rubber on your tyre gets really hard which will cause your car to lose grip on the wet roads even on dry roads.


What Causes Cracked Tyres?

  • Sun damage 

All-year-round on the Gold Coast, we get high temperatures but the worst of the heat is November to March. During these months that’s when your tyres will cop the most damage as the heat raises the psi in your tyres. That is one of the most common causes of cracked tyres.

  • Old age tyres 

Even if your tyres arent getting used the materials can break down. The rubbers naturally break down over time, that’s why when your tyres age the rubber stiffens and starts the crack.If you’ve got a car with old tyres even with heaps of tread it wouldn’t hurt to inspect them or take them to a tyre shop to be inspected.

  • Wrong tyre pressure

Making sure you have the right tyre pressure will make a big difference with the life of your tyres. If your tyres are over-inflated it will cause bulging and cause your tyre to have a blowout. If your tyres are underinflated it will have more of the tyre on the road and cause bad wearing.


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