Best Price Tyre Fitting Gold Coast

Looking for the best price tyre fitting Gold Coast? Look no further. Tyre Fitting is included in our tyre price! At Bud’s Tyres there is no hidden cost. Tyre fitting alone will cost $30-$50  in-store if you already have your own tyres. Fitting is hassle free and you can even get your own tyres sent to our store for storage a day or two prior. 

Tyre fitting is free with purchase of any tyre/s and from only $30 with your outsourced or BYO tyres. There are no hidden fees if you purchase your tyres somewhere else. 

Does fitting include balancing?


Bud’s take bookings! Firstly, we want your tyres to be fitted in the quickest possible time. Secondly, we do not overlap bookings so you can be out the door in about 45 minutes stress free. 

Unlike your average tyre fitting store, we operate 6 days a week. This means you can have your tyres fitted on Saturday! 

Our fitting station must approve your tyres for a third party fitting. This means we will double check your tyres are safe and suitable for your vehicle. Therefore, they must align with regulations, vehicle requirements, manufacture faults, damage. Your safety is our priority. We may not fit second-hand tyres if they are not safe for our roads. We offer a free safety tyre check if you wish to bring your BYO tyres in-store before you make a booking if you have any concerns. 

AfterPay and ZipPay make payment even easier. Check out all there is to know about AfterPay and ZipPay in-store payments here.

Bud’s Tyres have the best price tyre fitting Gold Coast and Burleigh Heads. Therefore, all of our services such as tyre fitting or wheel alignments are set at a budget price and are highly competitive. In conclusion, this means you pay less for a premium service and expertise knowledge. We have all the resources in-store that you will ever need. 

We look forward to your visit!


Best Price Tyre Fitting Gold Coast. Image via Pinterest. 

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