best tyre brands for all budgets

Best Tyre Brands for all Budgets 

If you don’t know much about tyres we have complied a list of best tyre brands for all budgets. Research is highly time consuming. Finding a name tyre within a set budget can be a frustrating task. So here it is, plain and simple. Our recommendations of the best tyres you can get across the board, stocked by Bud’s Tyres. 


Budget tyres do the job. In Australia, we have high manufacturing standards along with rules and regulations so even the cheapest of tyres are safe. Firstly, second-hand tyres are a great option of you want a mid-range or premium tyre for a lower cost. The second-hand tyres at Bud’s Tyres are the pick of the bunch. We will never fit a tyre that is not roadworthy to your vehicle. Secondly, if you are looking for a name brand Hilo is the go. 


A mid-range tyre is a good option if you are conscious about price but also fuel economy, safety and vehicle performance. If you can splash out a bit more cash for the longevity, this is the tyre budget for you. We recommend Hankook. 


We all appreciate the finer things in life and this is what a heightened tyre budget will get you. A premium and high-performing tyre. Premium tyres are durable and are designed with the latest technology. If you want the best combination of a safe and smooth ride with low noise it is worth investing. We recommend Michelin. 


These are our favourite tyres. If you have a 4WD you probably already know all the things these tyres can do off-road. We recommend Nitto. 

You should choose an appropriate tyre depending on your driving style and habits. If you need a hand working out what tyre would be the best fit for you, don’t be afraid to ask. We look forward to hearing from you. 


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  1. looking for 2 hankook dynapro 265/65/R17 AT-M with near new tread, do you have any in stock please , thanks Kevin (need them ASAP) 044 913 7747

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