Best VIC 4WD Road Trips

First stop Bud’s Tyres Burleigh Heads. Last stop, Victoria. Bud’s is here to list the best VIC 4WD road trips so you can make the most out of your great Australian road trip. With international borders firmly shut domestic travel by road is looking better than ever. 

You may be investing a large amount of time in travelling. Upon leaving from the Gold Coast why not check out Queensland and New South Wales on the way? If this sounds like a plan check out our previous blog posts on QLD road trips and NSW road trips and make the most out of our coastline.

Victoria is relatively small in comparison to other Australian states. Regardless, the state is definitely not lacking in potential adventure with a lot to see and do. 

The Great Ocean Road

Every second Australian has explored The Great Ocean Road so why haven’t you? If you have… why not do it again? It never gets old. It is one of our most famous road trips and there is no confusion as to why. Along the way you will find a number of charming little seaside towns, surf, endless coastal views and fury friends. You can do the drive in a matter of hours but its only done right over a few days. 

Regional Victoria 

Millions travel to Victoria over an average year and very few experience the state outside of Melbourne. A road trip around regional Victoria will give you a holiday most never get to experience. Deciding to take the regional route can be tailored to suit your ideal adventure. The road can take you anywhere from the coastal town of Torquay to the historical Ballarat and finally to the waterfalls of Trentham and beyond. Check out Tourism Australia’s top 10 regional destinations here. 

The Murray River

If you are a big foodie and love a wine this one is for you. Although it does run across the border of NSW and VIC, it is a great first stop. You can spend around 4-10 days driving across the river stopping at historic towns on the way. The scenery alone is worth the drive but the food and wine experience is a real game changer. 


Best VIC 4WD Road Trips. Image via Australian Traveller

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