tyre discount codes Gold Coast

Tyre Discount Codes Gold Coast

Tyre Discount Codes Gold Coast Tyre discount codes on the Gold Coast are almost unheard of in the tyre industry. You may often be drawn to offers such as ‘Buy 3 and get the 4th Free’ across a selection of tyres. Unfortunately, this will frequently mean the price has been inflated so you really are […]

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All things classic vintage and cars

All Things Classic, Vintage and Cars

All Things Classic, Vintage and Cars.   You may already know we are 4WD enthusiasts at Bud’s Tyres. What you may not know, is how much we love vintage cars. You have come to the right place for all things classic, vintage and cars.  Vintage Cars at Bud’s Tyres We may be able to order […]

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gender reveal burnout tyres gold coast

Gender Reveal Burnout Gold Coast

Gender Reveal Burnout Gold Coast A pink or blue smoke coloured burnout is the ultimate gender reveal for car enthusiasts. What a memorable way to reveal the gender of you baby to your family and friends. This highly anticipated moment will become even more exciting and thrilling with such a unique gender revel.  Coloured Smoke […]

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tyres and stopping distance

Tyres and Stopping Distance

Tyres and Stopping Distance    Tyres and stopping distance are closely associated. Most individuals believe that worn tread is only dangerous in wet weather. Driving conditions are not the only reason your safety, and the safety of your passengers may be compromised.  If you fail to replace your tyres when they are worn, you are […]

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Fuel Efficiency and Tyres

Fuel Efficiency and Tyres

Fuel Efficiency and Tyres  The price of fuel is rapidly increasing. What is the relationship between fuel efficiency and tyres? Secondly, what can you do to ensure your vehicle is consuming less fuel?  Mechanics and tyre service professionals often talk about fuel efficiency when presenting a product. You may be left wondering what difference vehicle […]

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How tyres respond to your driving

How Tyres Respond to Your Driving

How Tyres Respond to Your Driving How do tyres respond to your driving? Does where and how you drive really effect tyre wear? Bud’s Tyres are here to answer all of your questions as to why your tyres last or wear out quicker than most. It can be a good idea to let us know […]

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Preparing your teen for gold coast roads

Preparing Your Teen for Gold Coast Roads

Preparing Your Teen for Gold Coast Roads Teaching your teenager to drive is one thing. But sending them out for the first time by themselves… could there be anything scarier? There is a reason why insurance premiums are so high for younger drivers. Due to inexperience silly mistakes can be made. For many teens and […]

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tyre sidewall markings

Tyre Sidewall Markings

Tyre Sidewall Markings. What does the writing on my tyre mean? Understanding your tyre, the specific sections and imprints can be confusing. You may find yourself asking, what does the writing on my tyre mean? Although you may believe the information on your tyre is irrelevant, knowledge is power. It will be beneficial for you […]

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road and racing tyres

Road and Racing Tyres

Road and Racing Tyres What is the difference between road and racing tyres? Why do road tyres last and racing tyres need to be changed at regular intervals? Bud’s tyres are here to point out the differences and similarities among road tyres, racing tyres, and motorcycle tyres. Passenger tyres and racing tyres have a different […]

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insurance claims and bald tyres

Insurance Claims and Bald Tyres

Insurance Claims and Bald Tyres If you have ever made an insurance claim you will know most companies, try just about anything avoid a payout. Insurance claims and bald tyres are no anomaly to the terms and conditions of your policy. The safety of your vehicle is heavily examined, including any damage to your tyres. […]

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