Burleigh Heads Small Tyre Business: Why Local is Best

The sense of community is the backbone of Burleigh Heads. When you shop at Bud’s Tyres, you are making an investment in your community that is the Gold Coast. Ones shopping experience at Bud’s Tyres is unique, a personal experience lacking in most large scale companies. Upon leaving the Burleigh Heads store you will know each name of the few workers and form a partnership upon your next visit. We will look after our community and returning customers. Centrally surrounded by Burleigh Waters, Miami, Palm Beach, Currumbin and Elanora… arguably one of the best and cheapest small tyre businesses in the area.


As a start-up, we have seen a substantial number of returning customers aligning with the number of initial customers within the first few months of the business opening. This indicates that most of our customer base have been satisfied with our service, tyre quality, and pricing.


You may have heard of Movin’ Mobile Mechanical or GC Patrols owned by Buddy. Also based in Burleigh Heads, Bud’s Tyres is the little brother business. Uniquely, Bud’s Tyres is owned by two Burleigh Heads brothers, Buddy and Guy. The brothers have grown up in Burleigh Heads and have a refined understanding of what their local community wants and needs.


Why Shop Local?

  • Personal investment in ones community
  • Your neighbor knows best
  • Better customer service
  • Elevate the economy of Burleigh Heads. And successively… the Gold Coast.
  • Service with a passion
  • You make a difference
  • Local can often be cheaper


Let’s make the Gold Coast an even better place and Burleigh Heads an even stronger community. The brothers at Bud’s Tyres will go above and beyond for your vehicle and may even get you excited to come in and buy a new set of tyres.


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