Car Brakes 


What is one of the only components of a car more important than tyres? Car Brakes. While tyre condition is crucial to your safety, and the safety of your passengers, brakes are vital. The most common result of faulty brakes are collisions, hence why it is extremely important to have a technician inspect your brakes. It is a preventative measure to get your brakes checked regularly and limits further brake damage if they are neglected. These issues may become more and more dangerous and costly over time. 

At Bud’s Tyres we cannot stress enough how important servicing and regular inspections are. Why not get your tyres and brakes checked at the same time? Any brake issues should be addressed immediately. In the meantime, a smooth ride equates to brake preservation. Abrupt driving behaviour will put a strain on your brakes. 

You might need to bring your vehicle in earlier than planned. Things to look out for include… grinding, squeaking or abnormal noises, hard brake pedal, warning light, swerving, vibrations and any usual braking response. You can check your brake fluid do a fluid replacement yourself but don’t forget it is important to do a brake fluid flush through a service centre. Brake fluid is just a small component of a service. 

Find out more how brakes work here.

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