Car tyre rotation is when you’re changing the tyres position on the car. Depends how they’re wearing there are a few ways you can swap them around. During a tyre rotation in most circumstances, you will change the position of all 4 tyres on the car to ensure all the tyres are wearing evenly on the vehicle so you can get the maximum life out of them. The reason why everyone should be rotating their tyres is so you can get even tread wear and you won’t be visiting tyre shops as often having to get a new pair on the front.


why it’s important to rotate your tyres?

Usually, on most cars, both tyres on the front wear a lot quicker than the tyres on the rear of cars. Swapping them front to rear or back left to front right etc… will improve the life of your tyres and make them wear evenly as long as the wheel alignment on your car is accurate. Driving a front or a rear-wheel-drive car will cause your tyres to wear different from one another, even if you are doing a lot of city driving and always turning corners that could cause your front tyres (steer) to wear quicker than your rear tyres.

when should you rotate your tyres?

Every car should get their car tyres rotated every 6 months or 10,000kms, some cars may need it done more often.

  1. Heavy loads & high speed: Having a heavier load puts more strain on the tyres and causes them to wear faster. driving at high speeds as well cause this to happen.
  2. Front tyres with less tread than rear: As spoken about above, when inspecting your tyres and the front have less tread than the front this means you’re due for a tyre rotation. also, you need to know if your tyres are directional or not.

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