Car Wheels Gold Coast

Bud’s Tyres have a superior selection of car wheels on the Gold Coast. We can order in a variety of the top wheel brands to our Burleigh Heads store for your vehicle. Our prices are highly competitive with cheap alloy and cheap mag wheels. If you are looking for rims for a performance, luxury, 4WD, passenger or off-road vehicle we have you covered.  

Here at Bud’s Tyres we also do wheel and tyre packages. Our catalogue is pioneering. Our selection is extensive and you will find a product you absolutely love to mirror your new tyres. If you would like to know more about packages offered give us a call on 0402666707.  

Our range is trend setting. You can find anything from a modern and simple streamline design to an authoritative design to match your innate sense of style or maybe a glitzy wheel that won’t be missed. Our wheels come in almost every colour and finish to suit every vehicle make and model. Even with a fixed budget you will find something to suit your vehicle at a lower cost. The good quality wheels at Bud’s take everything into consideration such as load rating, comfort and safety. 

Why invest in wheels?

Worn rims will not strengthen the cosmetic potential of your vehicle. Firstly, if you are going for a stylised look it is worth investing in a good set of shiny new wheels. Selection can dramatically change the look of you car. Secondly, rims are pivotal in vehicle performance. They can impact balance, comfort, fit and safety. 

We stock a small selection of wheels at our Burleigh Heads store for viewing. You can also find our catalogue in-store to visualise your selection ready to be ordered for next-day delivery. 

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