For some people, it might be a lot harder than others changing your flat tyre…

Changing your flat tyre on your car once you’ve had a puncture is very important to know how to change it. A lot of people think it’s difficult but it isn’t one bit. Once you do it for your first time following some easy steps you will be able to do it again and again. As long as you have the right equipment in your vehicle.

Most of the time its very unfortunate but cars seem to get flat tyres in dangerous and inconvenient locations. Be sure that when you get a flat pull over on a safe section on the road so you will be changing your flat tyre safely.


Things you’ll need changing your flat tyre

In a lot of cars, your spare will be in the boot or under the car. Unless you have run-flat tyres you may not have a spare so click here for more information on run-flat tyres. There should be a medium-sized brace for loosening the wheel nuts or a socket with a big handle on it. Before you grab your jack it would be great if you had something to wedge under a tyre so it makes it safer when you jack the car in the air.


Jacking up the car

Make sure your car is in park or in gear with the handbrake on to begin with. Once that’s done put your hazards on. Under the car, there will be jack points at each 4 sides next to the wheel. Some cars you do it on the seal and some you can put it on the chassis. Once the jack is in the correct position loosen the wheel nuts before you jack the car up. Once the car is jacked up allow just enough room to take the tyre off, you don’t need to jack the car up more than you need to. Now you take the flat tyre off carefully.


Installing the new wheel

Grab your spare wheel out of the boot and line up the wheel nut holes with the stud so you can put the wheel on without fiddling. Once the wheel is on, put on the wheel nuts finger tight, then make sure they are pretty firm and release the jack when you’re confident the wheel nuts are pretty tight. Once the car is back at ground level tension the wheel nuts a little bit more but don’t over tighten them.

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