COVID-19 Restrictions Easing 

Restrictions have eased across Queensland but what does this mean for Bud’s Tyres? The borders are now open between NSW and QLD. A large number of you are travelling from NSW to Bud’s Tyres to take advantage of our budget pricing. With COVID-19 restrictions easing we thank you for your business during this uncertain time. 

Here at Bud’s we are busier than ever with such a large customer base travelling from northern NSW. COVID-19 restrictions easing have encouraged individuals who were limiting their activities and public exposure to actively use their time to do the things they have been putting off. The release of Superannuation and Tax has provided secondary funds so you can do something like change your worn tyres that may not be in the weekly budget.

Once again, we thank you for your support and business over the last few months. More than ever, we have acknowledged a sense of community and recognised a common goal to support local. 

Social Distancing and Hygiene

Social distancing and hygiene measures are still active. Our plan of attack was outlined in our previous post and is still relevant today… 

The health and safety of not only our customers but our team is at the forefront of our businesses. However, this has been heightened during this crisis. When you come in store we are practicing social distancing and hygiene measures. Our waiting room is sanitized in hourly intervals and will predominately have one customer at a time in the room. Hand-washing stations and sanitizer is available at your request. Our team will not come into work with any sign of illness and we ask you stay home if you have any flu symptoms.

We are taking advantage of a booking system that is here to stay. We do not overlap bookings so you are exposed to multiple customers at a time and left waiting for your tyre service. While we are pretty much back to normal we are reflecting upon our practices and your safety daily. We look forward to your next visit. 


COVID-19 Restrictions Easing. Image via Pinterest. 

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