Michelin Tyres

Michelin Tyres

Michelin tyres are arguably the most popular tyre brand in Australia. They have been voted as a number one choice for consumers across a number of credible organisations ongoing. Not only are motorists and our confident that Michelin are the biggest name in tyres for a reason, but also the team at Bud’s Tyres. Michelin are a great option for passenger vehicles.

If you are looking for a new set of tyres for your car look no further. Your decision can be made with ease with Michelin. Michelin tyres are highly trusted with tyres you can truly rely on. Safety is a priority. The company prides itself on strictly offering the highest quality of products. They also look after the planet to, working towards a more environmentally friendly product and business model. You really can have it all with Michelin in performance, quality, innovation, technology, safety whilst keeping the wallet happy.


Michelin has been present within the automotive industry in Australia since 1940. The Michelin Group is a global company with headquarters in France. They currently provide tyres to over 170 countries. Founded in 1989, the Michelin brothers started off manufacturing tyres for horse-drawn carriages. Their achievements are cemented in history.

Tyre Selector

Michelin feature a great tyre selector online to calculate the best tyre based on your vehicle and requirements. Alternatively, speak to the team at Bud’s Tyres for our personalised recommendation.

Try out the Michelin tyre selector tool here.

The Michelin Range

Latitude – SUV & Crossover

LTX – SUV & Light Truck

Primacy – Premium

For luxury performance and comfort


Ultra-high performance tyres


Fuel efficiency feature


Commercial range


We have had nothing but great feedback about Michelin. The brand itself is often synonymous with a sports-like performance whilst featuring durability, endurance, comfort and fuel economy. Michelin is iconic for a reason.

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