Recycle Tyres at Home

Reuse and recycle old tyres to give them a second life. If environmental waste and landfill is a concern for you or if the tip is simply out of the way you may want to look at alternative ways to recycle tyres at home. This could be anything from an old bike tyre to the damaged tyre from a roadside tyre change.


Bring into Bud’s Tyres

You may be removing tyres from an unwanted vehicle or find yourself with the wrong size and have nowhere to store the tyre/s. If the tread depth is above regulation, we can find a new home for it. Send us a photo so we can inspect the quality and drop it to us if you are in the area.

Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree

There are several reasons why people on the Gold Coast may be looking for used tyres. You can put a free ad up and get your unwanted tyres removed for free. You may even find some users will offer you cash if they are near-new.

Get Crafty!

Tyre recycle projects can add something unique and practical to your home. An old tyre can be perfect as a pet bed. This will be the most durable pet bed you have ever owned and can easily be cleaned. You can cut into the sidewall, decorate, and add a comfy cushion. If you have a large truck tyre why not make it into a pool? You can either cement the base or add a tarp and paint the rubber. This could also make a great pet bath. You could even make a fire pit or garden steps with remaining tyres.

Finding a second purpose for an old tyre can be a great and kid-friendly activity. Tyre Swings are a tradition in the family home. Follow this guide on how to make a safe swing. A budget effective way to keep your kids entertained is a backyard sandbox. A larger tyre paired with a tarp can act as a great base for holding sand.


Recycle Tyres at Home. Image via Pinterest. 

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