Bud’s Tyres Burleigh offer repair services from tyre puncture repairs to fitting a new set of wheels and tyres. Bud’s is ultimately your one-stop shop for all things tyres and wheels. 

A flat tyre is just about one of the most inconvenient things that can happen when driving from A to B. A flat tyre could cause disruptions such as a missed work meeting or delay in your road trip itinerary. Our team are ready to go and get you back on the road instantly. Most punctures can be fixed and do not require a new tyre replacement. While adhering to safety requirements and specifications on puncture repairs, we will get you back on the road instantly. This service is super quick and we can squeeze you in between most appointments. So, feel free to walk in at any time. 

It is worth noting that if a puncture is too sinister, you will need a new tyre. The factors we consider in repairing a tyre are size and angle of damage, material, safety standards and position on the tyre.

If you have a flat tyre and can’t get to our Burleigh Heads store you can repair your tyre roadside with the right tools. However, this should only be a temporary solution and we recommend you follow this guide here. It is safe to bring the vehicle in after so we can repair the tyre permanently. DIY tyre repair can be a bit risky and may follow in purchasing a whole new tyre. Your safety is the most important thing. Having a tyre repair kit on hand may be beneficial if you feel confident enough to use one, especially for off-road drivers. You can always pop in for a free tyre safety check. 

Puncture Repairs Cost: $30

New Tyre Cost: $65 (starting from)

Used Tyre Cost: $39 (starting from)


*Prices last updated February 2021 and may be subject to change.