A run flat tyre is designed to reduce the effects of deflation once the tyre has been punctured. But once the tyre has been punctured and has no air in it, you have to reduce your vehicle’s speed to under 80kph. also for limited distance to get you to the next garage to get repaired. You can travel about 20km to about 80km depending on the condition on the roads and the type of tyre. A lot of the tyre manufacturers describe the run flat models differently shown below.

brand                 run-flat model

Bridgestone                    RFT – run flat tyre

Continental                     SSR – self-supporting run flat tyre

Dunlop                            DSST – Dunlop self-supporting tyre

Goodyear                        EMT – extended mobility tyre

Michelin                           ZP – zero pressure


benefits of run flats

  • you’re able to drive out of a dangerous area even if you have a puncture.
  • reduces the disk of your tyre having a blowout.
  • saves a lot of space not carrying a spare tyre and saves weight as well.
  • safer handling when tyre gets punctured driving at speed.

can I repair my run flat tyre

you can & you cant just like every other conventional tyres. Some punctures can be repaired depending on how big the puncture is and where the puncture is. if the puncture is on the sidewall or close to, it cant be repaired. Our tyre technicians will have to take the tyre off the wheel and inspect there’s no damage inside the tyre.


changing from runflat tyres to conventional tyres

If your car was originally installed with run flat tyres in most cases you can get conventional tyres installed. most cases of people changing from run flat tyres to conventional are because they’re a lot cheaper and there’s a bigger variety to choose from. You have to realize that you probably don’t have a spare tyre if your car had previously run flats. if you’re thinking of changing to conventional tyres give us a call at Buds Tyres ph: 0402666707 8:30 – 5 pm




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