Preparing for the Storm Season

We encourage you to prepare for the seasonal weather patterns

The second biggest cause of accidents is wet weather. You can take precautionary measures in the rain to avoid a crash such as reducing speed, monitoring your distance from other cars and slowing down upon turning. However, you cannot predict the behavior of your worn out tyres paired with dangerous weather. One should inspect tyres on a monthly basis and contact Buds Tyres when you are concerned. In Australia, we require the bare minimum tread depth of 1.5mm. While this is the minimum requirement, we recommend your tread depth does not go below 3mm. 4mm should be the minimum tyre depth to avoid skidding, aquaplaning and even crashing.

The average person does not adapt their driving technique to the weather conditions when driving. While some motorists do slow down, many do not consider turning speed around corners and intersections. Defensive driving considers ones surroundings on the roads and is aware of the motorists around them, which should be amplified in the rain. While taking these measures may ensure you are taking a safe trip to your destination, neglecting the maintenance of your vehicle, including wheel safety, introduces risk upon your journey. Checking your windscreen wipers, doubling your distance between the car in front of you and headlights are two more precautionary measures you can take in an event of unexpected heavy rainfall, fog and cloud cover. You should monitor your tyre pressure and look for cracks at least once every week.

Below are some of the recommend tyres for driving in wet weather this summer storm season:






While avoiding driving in the wet weather and flooding is the best option. Monitoring your tyres and tyre pressure is the next best thing. Adapting your driving behaviors and patterns to the outside weather conditions should be paired with your brand new tyres to ensure your safety and the safety of your passengers.




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