Sustainability and the Tyre Industry

At Bud’s Tyres, we are future driven. While ideals of sustainability and a circular economy are at the forefront of our business, we cannot call ourselves sustainable. It is near impossible to pair the word sustainability with the tyre industry. However, we do think of ourselves as responsible. The collective impact of the tyre industry on the environment is not viable or balanced. Yet tyres do not appear to be a thing of the past anytime soon. So, what are we doing to be responsible? What sustainable business strategies can we implement? What is being done in terms of responsible design and sustainability in the tyre industry today?


Bud’s Tyres

There are several reasons why we encourage you to shop locally. If you are traveling in a private vehicle you should be shopping locally. Long-distance travel is a burden on the climate will result in unwarranted CO2 emissions. We keep prices low at Bud’s Tyres so our surrounding suburbs (Burleigh Heads, Burleigh Waters, Varsity Lakes, Reedy Creek, Miami, Palm Beach, and Robina) do not have to travel to find the best price.

We print our receipts on eco-friendly paper and will only print an invoice if you request one.

Our collection of our second-hand tyres is what makes us unique. While most tyre retailers will throw out their tyres, we keep our near-new second-hand tyres to resell to you. This existing solution reduces our environmental impact while offering customers a cheaper option.

We strive to be the most responsible version of ourselves daily and reduce the harm our business has on the environment. Our 2020 goals include complete business transparency and decoding our supply chain so we can make informed choices for the future.


Beyond Bud’s Tyres

There is no viable alternative to cars in the foreseeable future. This means tyres are here to stay. Currently, there are limited options in tyre waste. However, the investigative use of responsible materials in the tyre industry today is attempting to counteract this. Check out our blog post here on recycling tyres.

Circularity informed production processes, system innovation and overall sustainable design are identifiable in the future of tyres. We would love to be able to offer you a sustainable tyre in the future.


Sustainability and the Tyre Industry. Image via Pinterest

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