Where Do Scrap Tyres End Up?

Each year in Australia around 50 million tyres reach the end of their life. Only about 19% of tyres are recycled domestically. Two-thirds of the scrap tyres in Australia end up in landfill, been dumped illegally or have been stockpiled.   Where do scrap tyres end up? A lot of scrap tyres get used to […]

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Changing Your Flat Tyre

For some people, it might be a lot harder than others changing your flat tyre… Changing your flat tyre on your car once you’ve had a puncture is very important to know how to change it. A lot of people think it’s difficult but it isn’t one bit. Once you do it for your first […]

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wheel alignment Gold Coast at buds tyres in burleigh heads

Wheel Alignment Gold Coast

What is a Wheel Alignment? A wheel alignment alludes to your cars suspension, springs and calibrated parts that work with each other to keep your tyres at the right angles which is know as camber, caster and toe. When your car is getting aligned, your wheels will be adjusted so they are sitting on the […]

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