The Law and Tyres

The law and tyres. A combination that goes hand in hand with safety on the roads, yet a combination very rarely considered. The rules and regulations surrounding tyres in Australia are among the most restrictive, (in a good way). However, the average car owner may only be aware of bald road tyres and fines surrounding this rule. There are two sets of rules and you should be aware of both. Firstly, there are regulations surrounding the responsibility of a car owner. Secondly, there are tough standards in place for tyre retailers, fitters and mechanics. It is beneficial to be aware of both so you know you are getting what is required when you purchase new or second-hand tyres. 

The Driver

Tread Depth and PSI are the two main components that can be monitored by the driver. The minimum legal tread depth in Australia is 1.5mm. However, we highly recommend tyres are replaced when they reach 3mm. You can measure this by a specific tool, a coin or get a tyre technician to do so during your free tyre safety check at Bud’s Tyres. Recommended PSI is often found on the interior car door or in the owners manual of your vehicle. Tyres are required to be inflated to their recommended tyre pressure. You can also be fined if tyres are too old or are showing cracks. For alternative wheels and tyres in Australia there are specific laws. You can always talk to us about alternative tyres. 

The Tyre Technician

Your local tyre retailer should be aware of all rules and regulations in place. But it is worth looking out for tyre to rim combination, inspection standards, valve standards, correct labelling and wear and tear. While second-hand tyres can be a great option, you should adhere to new tyre standards. The Australian Design Rules (ADR) are a great reference to find specific rules around the design and function of your tyres and wheel guards. You can find some more great information from the ADR here and here.


The Law and Tyres. Image via Tyre Safe

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