A lot of people don’t realize how important it is to check your tire pressure regularly on your vehicle. Not having the correct tire pressure in your tires will make them wear badly and fast. Driving with low pressure in your tires (almost flat) could make the tire come off the wheel and make it very dangerous to brake in an emergency.

Overinflated tires can also cause your tires to blow at any time. Every different size tire has a certain size it should be inflated as. Also again if there’s too much air in your tires that will cause them to wear quickly and cause them to skid. You should always check your tire pressure when your tires are cold & before you get on the highway. As you’re driving & your wheels warm up your tire pressure raise.

Not knowing how much air to put in your tires? Cars can be complicated when maintaining them but this is easy & anyone can do it. Most petrol stations have air hoses, if you’re unsure of what psi to put into your tires it will say it on the inside of the driver’s door. Remove the valve cap & get the hose to push onto the valve. Also, when you’re checking all your tires, don’t forget one of the most important ones… your spare! Always double-check your spare because some have space savers which can hold up to about 80 psi.

At Buds Tyres we offer a free tire safety check. We go over all your tires including your spare tire & make sure there are no cracks from old age, objects in the tires & excessive tire wear we also make sure all your tires are pumped up to the suitable tire pressure! No bookings needed just come straight in.

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