Tyre Maintenance- When to Visit Bud’s Tyres

Understandably, you may believe you only need to bring your vehicle in for new tyres. Tyre maintenance and when to visit Bud’s Tyres may not be considered outside of a routine tyre purchase. Your local tyre retailer isn’t just there to replace tyres once they reach the illegal tread depth. There are a number of reasons why you may need to keep up with tyre maintenance. 

Shaky Drive

If you are wondering why your car is shaking while you drive it could mean a number of things. While there could be more serious issues such as engine or brake problems, it is worth checking your tyres. If your wheels aren’t spinning we can check your wheel bearings, ball joints or tie rod ends. You may need a wheel balance or tyre rotation depending on how your car is responding to the road. 

Tyre Cracks

If you have tyre cracks you should replace your tyre/s immediately. Tyre sidewall cracks could be from age, the conditioning of the road or environmental factors. Excessive force or a heavy load may also cause cracks. 

Free Tyre Check

If in doubt, drop by Bud’s Tyres Burleigh location for a free tyre check. 

Premium Tyres or Wheels (Upgrade)

Premium tyres and wheels are simply just better. You may find yourself in-store for a tyre and wheel package upgrade even though your tyres don’t need changing. 

Over/Under Inflated

If your tyres aren’t inflated at the manufactures recommendation you may be putting yourself in danger. Handling and stability is compromised. Over-inflated or under-inflated tyres will unevenly wear your tyres. 

Uneven Tyre Wear

A number of factors may lead to uneven tyre wear. Come in for a free tyre check and we can identify the problem.  

Puncture Repair

Punctures are unexpected but are simply just apart of life. You may find yourself driving to the nearest tyre retailer to quickly fix your puncture and get you back on the road. 


Tyre Maintenance. Image via Pinterest. 

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