Tyre Misconceptions 


You may have a good understanding of tyres but side with a selection of common tyre misconceptions and myths. There are many tyre misconceptions that have been taken as gospel. However, we understand that most will not have professional knowledge about tyres. For example, we couldn’t tell you one thing about gardening or landscaping. It just takes one person to tell you something and the idea to be adopted as a fact. Ultimately this could lead you to poor tyre habits for many years. 

Myth 1: Tyres are secondary to car servicing. 

Not enough importance is placed on tyres. Regular tyre checks are just as important as a mechanical car service. However, this needs to be done more regularly. Bare tyres are extremely dangerous. Things like tyre pressure and punctures can also cause accidents. 

Myth 2: Wheel alignments and rotation are non-essential. 

Wheel alignments and rotation ensure your wheels and tyres are doing the job. Firstly, these two services more than anything can save you money in the future. Secondly, there are a selection of safety concerns if your car is not performing how it should. For example, pulling to one side. 

Myth 3: Second-hand tyres are dangerous. 

Many car enthusiasts love tyres. This means they are constantly buying the latest and greatest in tyres. Can you blame them? We love tyres to. Alternatively, individuals may just want a simple tyre upgrade or upgrade from a stock tyre. Therefore, we are left with their near-new tyres. Second-hand tyres are not dangerous. In Australia, we are not permitted to sell tyres below the legal tread depth. Moreover, we would only sell second-hand tyres that are near-new that are a long way away from the tread depth minimum. All second-hand tyres are heavily inspected. If you purchase tyres from someone who is not an authorised tyre retailer, this may be another story. Therefore, if you have any doubts come in-store for a free tyre check. 

Myth 4: Tyres don’t age.

So, you never use your car? Your tyres are like-new 5 years after you have replaced them? You still need to get them replaced. Tyres age and deteriorate, especially in the Australian weather. 

Myth 5: All tyres do the same thing. 

A selection of customers who come into our store believe that our budget and premium tyres do the same thing. While yes, they do get you from A to B, they perform differently. Therefore, we often say you get what you pay for. However, a budget tyre may be perfect for your driving style and habits. You can always contact us for our suggestions. 

Myth 6: You don’t need to change your spare tyre. 

You should change your spare every 5 years. 


Tyre Misconceptions. Image via Pinterest. 

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