Tyres Gold Coast AfterPay

Tyres Gold Coast AfterPay and ZipPay

Tyres Gold Coast AfterPay and ZipPay: We are big fans of AfterPay at Bud’s Tyres. And guess what? We are now proud to offer our customers a seamless transaction in-store with AfterPay. Why not pair an easy and achievable payment plan with your tyres Gold Coast using AfterPay? Another great benefit of shopping with Bud’s is that we are one of very few in Burleigh Heads and the Gold Coast that offer AfterPay as a payment method.


The payment is instant, and you can have us fit and take home your new wheels immediately. The first of four payments will be paid upfront in-store. Do not have an existing account? No worries. We can help you sign up within a few minutes and receive immediate approval. AfterPay is such a great alternative to a credit card… without all the hidden fees, minimum payments, and interest. If you do miss a payment which should not be an issue as the funds are automatically taken from your account, they will add a small fee onto the invoice. This is another thing we appreciate about AfterPay, the automatic framework for payment. You can always pay the partial payments before they are due or pay the full amount at any time, with no fees.

The refund process is just as seamless. If you do require a refund that aligns with the consumer rights in Australia, the payment will end up back on your card within a few days. If you need help managing your finances, it can be such a great tool. Furthermore, if you were looking at a tyre just a bit out of financial reach it can be a great way if you do not have all the cash on hand.


Bud’s Tyres also offer ZipPay in-store. Check out our blog post comparing the two payment systems here. Still not sure? Come visit us at our Burleigh Heads store or give us a call!


Understanding AfterPay and ZipPay

Bud’s Tyres is proud to offer customers AfterPay and ZipPay to alleviate financial stress. The two payment methods offer customers to pay by interest-free installments. You may already have used AfterPay or ZipPay online already. In-store payments are slightly different as the first payment is upfront to verify future payments. Very few mechanical and tyre stores on the Gold Coast offer such in-store services. If you need tyres in Burleigh Heads but cannot pay now, these may be two great options.



AfterPay allows you to pay in four interest-free payments every fortnight. The first payment will be in-store with the next the following fortnight. There are no hidden fees unless you do not pay on-time with a small fee of $10 to follow. The funds are automatically taken out of your account and you will receive notifications a few days prior. Approval and sign-up are instant, taken just like any other payment method. You can complete your payments early if you wish, at no extra cost.


ZipPay and ZipMoney

ZipPay is a new service offered in-store. We also offer ZipMoney in-store for payments over $1000. ZipPay is like a credit card… but better. With no hidden fees the service may be the best choice for your new tyres if you are looking for payment flexibility. Minimum repayments are $40 a month so this means you can put off paying for your tyres or in-store service for as long as you want up to one year. There is a $6 account fee with ZipPay however this is waived if you are not using the service each month.


Essentially, AfterPay and ZipPay are very similar services with the only variation the payment flexibility of ZipPay. However, if you need a bit of structure AfterPay is the best choice for you.

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