Second Hand Tyres Gold Coast


We have more second hand tyres on the Gold Coast then you could dream of. The only problem is… we have too many for our little warehouse in Burleigh. So, what does this mean for you? Even cheaper, discounted used tyres. 

Our range of second hand tyres is superior. The floor to ceilings, stretching around the perimeter of our space is the home to a countless number of second hand tyres. Unfortunately, we don’t have a large storage space at our disposal. This means that we are highly selective and have only kept the best tyres, with near new tread and little signs of wear. We don’t keep new tyres on the premises so we probably have what you are looking for, along with a number of sizes and brands for any vehicle. 

Are Second Hand Tyres Worth It? 

In Australia, the answer is yes. We are lucky we have such high standards to adhere to as a tyre retailer. Whilst these standards and guidelines are imposed upon tyre service centres, some businesses do not follow these. Furthermore, they may get away with selling a tyre that is just above safety standards. While this is legal the customer is getting an older tyre that does not have the prospective lifecycle of other used tyres. Second hand tyres are worth it, if you find the right retailer. We consistently analyse not only the tread depth but also uneven wear, make and tyre brand. We only keep the best. Often at Bud’s Tyres customers will purchase a premium tyre to stock tyres after purchasing a new car. The majority of our range is in near-new condition with all other used tyres offered in good condition.

Are Second Hand Tyres Safe? 

Used tyres are safe. A second hand tyre purchase can often be the better alternative to a new tyre. You can find a near-new tyre for a fraction of the cost. Your budget may suggest a budget tyre, however with a pre-owned purchase you can own a premium tyre that may even have the same lifecycle as a new budget tyre. Safety is at the forefront of our business. Our mission is to get bald and dangerous tyres off the road, not back on. Luckily, tyres are pretty simple. Buying a second hand tyre is not like buying a pre-owned phone or old car. There are no hidden surprises. Our customers are always welcome to inspect each tyre. You can trust that we have carefully looked over each set of tyres. Please be mindful that a small selection of retailers may not be disposing of dangerous tyres including outside sellers such as sellers on Facebook Marketplace. 

Tyres Gold Coast

Bud’s Tyres Gold Coast is your one stop shop for all things tyres and wheels. Bud’s Tyres are cheap tyres. Our convenient location services the entire Gold Coast. Not only is Burleigh Heads positioned in the centre of the Coast, but is a hub for industry and retail.

Burleigh Heads industrial precinct is home to a number of tyre shops. This means competition for our little business.

So, what does this mean for you? Quality tyres at a low cost.

Not only do we stock a range of budget, mid-range and premium tyres and wheels, our prices are low across each range. If you find a better price let us know. The low price tag across our range of tyres, wheels and services does not we lack in other departments. Our customer service, communication, product knowledge and customer experience is superior.

Our strong customer base is what keeps us going. We are here to help. This is proven through our seamless 5 and 4.9 star customer ratings across numerous online platforms such as Google and Facebook.

Common feedback we receive references our low prices and customer service. Bud’s tyres is synonymous with great value, great prices, quick service, efficiency and communication.

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