Vehicle Standards and Tyres QLD

Vehicle standards and tyres QLD. Tyre standards in Australia exist to ensure the safety of the driver and passengers of a vehicle and surrounding drivers and pedestrians. Vehicle owners must meet a set of requirements as the responsibility of owning a car. Failure to meet these requirements may result in penalties or compromised safety.

Tyres are a definitive component in overall vehicle safety. Legislation provisions enable optimal driving performance and driver responsibility to keep our roads safe. Passenger vehicle tyres and small commercial vehicle tyres are placed under Australian Design Rules. These requirements must be met by the vehicle manufacture and the successive owner of the vehicle, to the end of the vehicle’s life.



Is your vehicle roadworthy? You need to conduct a range of mechanical checks when appropriate. Vehicle function is incredibly important, and you should be ensuring the working condition of vehicle components such as lights and tyres. The legal minimum tread depth is 1.5mm. Please keep in mind this is the absolute minimum. On the spot fines of one bald tyre can cost $110.



Tyre function must be compliant with Australian standards. Tread depth is the most important component to monitor. However, you should always be aware of any sidewall damage on tyres. Size, tyre inflation and capacity rating should not go against the manufacture’s requirements. Refer to your tyre place card for all necessary information.


Wheel Alignment and Wheel Balance

We consider a wheel alignment and a wheel balance an essential tyre service. To ensure your safety on the roads, these two services will heighten vehicle safety. Thus, if you notice your car pulling in a certain direction or uneven weight distribution, you may want to bring your car in. Check out our blog post here to find out more.

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