Vehicle Theft on the Gold Coast

Vehicle theft on the Gold Coast is escalating. Theft is currently a trending news topic on the Gold Coast. It is happening anywhere at any time. So, how do you prevent vehicle theft?

Shock new figures again show the Gold Coast topping the list for motor vehicle theft in Queensland. (The Gold Coast Bulletin, 2020) The suburbs that have recorded the most car theft are, Southport, Upper Coomera, and Helensvale. (myGC, 2020)


Why is your car a target?

Most individuals believe they are not a target if their car is a certain age or luxury brand. Think again. While certain thieves target such expensive cars, most go for slightly older and standard models. This is a way to avoid alarms or programmed location tracking and avoid standing out. If your car is parked out on the street this makes it all too easy for the criminals. Furthermore, if your car shares parking with the general public such as a beachfront car park, it may be too easy to get away unnoticed. Leaving your car unlocked is a dominating reason as to why your car is targeted. Thieves often case a number of cars in a street before they find one that is unlocked.


What can you do to prevent theft?

The best thing you can do is double check your car is locked, regardless of where it is parked. During a home break-in, thieves may grab your keys if they are visible or break-in solely for the purpose of taking off with your car. Therefore, it could be a good idea to hide your spare keys and keep your car keys in your bedroom at night.


We encourage you to store everything in your car out of sight. For example, a visible $20 note or piece of jewelry may be reason enough for someone to attempt to break into your vehicle. Even the appearance of a messy, unorganized car can lead thieves to believe something of value may be left in there.


Park your car in a well-lit area. If your car is not secured you may want to install a theft prevention device if you live in a high-theft area. This could be as simple as a steering wheel lock. You could point out your car to your neighbors. As a result, they may be able to prevent a robbery if they can easily identify the wrong person hanging around your car.


Vehicle Theft on the Gold Coast. Image via. Pinterest. 

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