What is a wheel alignment?

A wheel alignment alludes to your cars suspension, springs and calibrated parts that work with each other to keep your tyres at the right angles which is know as camber, caster and toe. When your car is getting aligned, your wheels will be adjusted so they are sitting on the road the right way. wheel alignment Gold Coast.

What happens when your car is out of alignment? :wheel alignment Gold Coast

When your car is out of alignment, you will have handling and steering problems, increases tyre wear, increases fuel cost and purchasing new tyres a lot sooner than you should have to. These issues will affect the quality and safety on the roads. This is why you should check your alignment regularly. Opportunely, Buds Tyres offer cheap wheel alignments on the Gold Coast.

Warning signs for a wheel alignment.

Wheel alignments should be checked yearly, although it does depend on how many kilometres you do. Here are some warning signs that could help decide when you should take your car in to get checked out.

  1. Vehicle pulling to one direction or steering difficult.
  2. If you’ve hit a pot hole or have bumped into something.
  3. After getting suspension replaced etc.
  4. steering wheel not centred.

what’re some benefits? :wheel alignment Gold Coast

Regular alignment checks are a lot cheaper than replacing tyres and more car parts afflicted by un even tyre wear. When your car is aligned you will have smooth straight steering, even tyre wear and better petrol mileage etc. read more here.

Checking out alignment problem

Wheel alignment problems wont go away on their own. If you delay your visit to Buds Tyres you could experience unnecessary costs and more dramas. If you’re not sure of your cars alignment, speak to our friendly staff at buds tyres. Keep safe on the roads and we look forward to meeting you. Read here for our blog about cheap tyres!

wheel alignment Gold Coast at buds tyres in burleigh heads
Audi getting a wheel alignment at Buds Tyres.


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