A wheel balance is an essential tyre service offered at a budget price at our Burleigh Heads store. Talk with our team of experts to find out if you need a one today. 

Is weight unevenly distributed across your wheels? You might want to get it checked out. This weight imbalance can become evident if your steering wheel is vibrating as your speed increases. Subsequently, you may feel this throughout the whole car. Other symptoms may involve uneven tread wear and compromised fuel economy. So, how will your car run after balance? Smooth. Following a wheel balance by your mechanic or tyre specialist, you will notice a huge difference in your car’s performance ensuring a safe and comfortable ride. 

However, what is the difference between a wheel balance and a wheel alignment? You may have always trusted the diagnose of your mechanic or tyre technician. Firstly, we can all agree that paying for an unknown service can be frustrating. Secondly, awareness can get you out of an unwarranted bill. Often, these two terms are confused as the same. These processes are however, quite different. A wheel alignment will align the wheels to an suitable angle for enhanced driving performance. Wheel balancing involves weight distribution of your vehicles wheel.


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At Bud’s Tyres this service is $15 per wheel.