Each year in Australia around 50 million tyres reach the end of their life. Only about 19% of tyres are recycled domestically. Two-thirds of the scrap tyres in Australia end up in landfill, been dumped illegally or have been stockpiled.


Where do scrap tyres end up?

A lot of scrap tyres get used to go in landfill or burnt. But the environmentalist soon realized that rubber releases bad toxins and pollutes the air. Because tyres don’t biodegrade they just keep stacking up in landfill and we’ll just run out of space. But the laws changed in the 1980s there were a few million tyres that were stacked up in landfill but 90% got recycled successfully. when you go to a tyre shop to change your tyres, most tyre shops will recycle them for you! When tyres do get recycled they get shipped to a reprocessing plant so they can be broken up by chemicals into tiny pieces that can be used for many of things. There is over 100 different things scrap tyres get used for such as floor mats, engine belts, railroad ties, rubber decks, sports courts, garden mulch, and many other things. Having stockpiles of tyres is very dangerous as they are a fire hazard and health risk. Having stacks of tyres will increase the chance of having mosquitos that carry dieses and rats breeding.


How is recycling tyres good for the environment?

Recycling your tyres are good for the environment because they aren’t getting burned and used as a fuel source. The process is very polluting and releases harmful toxins in the air. So many tips are to blame for polluting some lakes because of the tyres decomposing and releasing toxins into the soil and water. Recycling tyres allow re-use of expensive petrol resources that are difficult to extract.

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