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Bud’s Tyres have the best selection of all terrain tyres on the coast. A/T tyres are something a 4WD owner simply cannot go without. 4×4 all terrain tyres are designed for a distinct purpose and offer you the best of both worlds. On and off-road. In the off-road world you can go anywhere off-road with mud tyres. However, with all terrain tyres you can go anywhere without compromising on performance. A/T tyres are designed for 40% off-road use and 60% on-road.

If you often find yourself driving through bush tracks, uneven trails, loose soil, mud and sand on your weekends A/T tyres might just be for you. All terrain tyres are ideal for a mixed lifestyle. You may be travelling to work in the city 5 days a week but spending every other waking minute off-road adventuring. A/T tyres are the most popular choice of tyre for 4WD enthusiasts. Alternatively, mud tyres may be a better option if your set out to master the roughest off-road conditions.

If you occasionally go off-road but spend most of your time in the car on the road all terrain tyres are your match made in heaven. The design is varied from a highway terrain tyre in that it can go anywhere your 4×4 can go. This includes bitumen, sand, mud, rock and loose soil. The number one concern with an All Terrain tyre is compromising comfort and safety in your day-to-day life.


It is fair enough that you would still want durability, comfort, minimal noise, a good looking tyre, superior braking, safety and longevity. With the right AT tyre you can have it all… with very little compromise. In order to deliver a high quality performance on an number of different surfaces, A/T tyres feature a deep and balanced tread pattern. In comparison to a HT tyre, they feature a stronger/reinforced sidewall and more open tread pattern and a harder rubber compound than an MT tyre.

The Benefits

Self-cleaning abilities

Superior traction off-road and sidewall protection

Better road noise in comparison to mud tyres

Balance/compromise of off-road and on-road abilities

Longevity and versatility

All season

The Disadvantages

Poor performance in mud and snow

On-road performance not as refined as highway terrain tyres

Noisier than highway terrain tyres

Mud Tyres

If A/T tyres don’t quite sound like they would cut it, muddies may be the best tyre for you. Mud tyres are designed for performance with a softer rubber compound, wide gaps and large tread blocks to get you out of every sticky situation. The construction allows the tyre to be more puncture resistant and durable.

Muddies are recognisable with their aggressive tread pattern and dominating features including more tread which often speak to their size. They are self-cleaning to provide maximum grip off-road. On the shoulder (between the tread and sidewall) of mud tyres are side bites to bite into the walls of ground ruts and terrain. When you are crawling up tricky terrain side bites help to achieve a forward motion.

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