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Wheel alignments play a major roll in the wear and life of your tyre as well as how your car handles & and drives, here at Buds Tyres you can count on us we will get this right for you.




Below are a selection of the many tyre & auto repair services we offer:

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We offer a range of services, tyre repairs, tyre replacements, flat tyres, wheel alignments , brakes & suspension. On cars, vans, utes, & trucks.







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CALL US NOW ON 0402 666 707

Cheap Tyres Gold Coast – Bud’s Cheap Tyres

Looking for cheap tyres on the Gold Coast? Bud’s has hundreds of budget, value and premium tyres in stock. We are offering outstanding discounts off retail prices. We are an independent tyre retailer offering sizes for every budget. For Cheap Tyres in the Gold Coast visit Cheap Tyres Gold Coast 

Tyres are obviously an important part of your motor vehicle; you won’t get very far without them and you’ll want to make sure you buy the right ones, when the time comes to replace them. Our online shop makes it simple for you to find the right tyres and we’ve got an expert team on hand to help you too.

It’s also important to remember that your choice of tyres will impact the performance of your motor vehicle and the driving experience you have. That’s another reason why it’s so vitally important to ensure you’re driving with the right tyres on your motor vehicle.

We have a large range of locally stocked products on the Gold Coast. Buy tyres through Bud’s Cheap Tyres Gold Coast and get them locally fitted at our approved fitting station on the Gold Coast.

We offer cheap tyres in Burleigh Heads at the best prices in the market, for most cheap and premium brands. These brands include: Atturo, Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, Falken, Fullway, Goodride, Goodyear, Hankook, Kenda, Michelin, Minerva, Pirelli, Toyo, Westlake. Bud’s delivers cheap tyres on the Gold Coast at wholesale prices to our customers. Whether you drive a passenger motor vehicle, light truck or 4×4 our prices will not be beaten. Bud’s sources local stock and new tyres to the customers. Cheap tyres the Gold Coast for all our customers means top quality at the best prices!

Order cheap tyres in Burleigh Heads today, get them fitted tomorrow. We guarantee quick delivery. In perspective, more than 90% of our orders we deliver within 1 business day. Regardless where you are in Australia, we do our best to service you.

From choosing the tyres to fitment – The process of ordering tyres in the Gold Coast is quick and easy. Just find the right tyre size for your motor vehicle. After choosing the tyre of your choice, you can let them delivered to a fitter that is close to your home. This video explains the whole process:

We stock the following tyre brands for you:

Bridgestone is one of the leading Australian tyre brands. They are the largest manufacturer in the world. Bridgestone has an Australian subsidiary operating out of Adelaide with an extensive range of product suited for Australian roads. Bridgestone Australia has more than 1500 people under employment in Australia and New Zealand. For Bud’s, cheap tyres the Gold Coast does not mean that the quality of the tyres are low. It means that we have the cheapest price for every budget for every brand. For Bridgestone, our customers will get the best price

Goodride tyres are one of the most trustworthy tyre brands in the budget segment and provide outstanding value for money. The Goodride brand offers the largest range of tyres of all budget brands in the Australian market and provides tyres for 4×4, passenger motor vehicle, SUV, light truck and truck. For our customers that are searching for cheap tyres the Gold Coast, Goodride is the best choice we provide. Customer feedback on the brand has been positive and our company has committed to further develop sales with this brand.

Kumho is a great value for money brand and promises warranty guarantees that are unmatched with other brands. Apart from providing outstanding value and long tyre life, it provides specials that have been voted by most recommendable in their category. The ESTA KU31 received a special Australian Award for its design features. If you are in the market for Cheap tyres the Gold Coast you have probably heard of the brand Kumho. If you are looking for long lasting, strong performance, cheap tyres than Kumho tyres is the right match.

Michelin is renowned worldwide for its high-quality performance tyres that have a strong focus on being safe and reliable. Michelin is one of the oldest and most well-developed tyre brand. The company employs more than 100,000 people over more than 70 production facilities and produces over 190 million tyres over 1 year time. Michelin has a strong focus on environmental friendly production of tyres and has invested in creating improvement of ecological footprint of tyres. At Bud’s we stock Michelin tyres at the best prices, feel free to contact us for any details.

Minerva tyres are one of our top chosen budget brand products. Minerva provides a large range of tyres at good prices and has a build a strong reputation throughout Australia. We have been very happy and grateful to work with this brand and believe we can grow the potential further in the future. Minerva is trying to offer the best prices for good quality tyres. They are one of the few budget brands we “strongly recommend” for everyday use.

Pirelli Tyres is a leading Italian brand that distributes to more than 160 countries around the globe. Since inception Pirelli has been supporting and co-investing in sport competitions. Pirelli is known for its P Zero range, including the Verde and Cinturato lines. The new P Zero range is one of the most popular tyre series in Australia. Pirelli combines top dry, wet condition control combined with comfort and fuel efficiency. It is a brand you can rely on for quality and has done its best to create affordable options of tyres for the average consumer. At Bud’s, customers requesting “cheap tyres the Gold Coast” can rest assured we provide premium quality tyres at the best wholesale prices. We have unbeatable prices which maximize value for money for premium benefits and safe driving is assured.

Bud’s stands for a cheap and effortless experience, while offering complete transparency upon your service paired with local knowledge. We guarantee:

Best price guarantee – We provide you with the best prices on cheap tyres the Gold Coast and Burleigh Heads

Guaranteed correct fitting – You will not have fitting problems when you order with us

Expert knowledge – Call us for any help or questions you have, we are independent on tyres!

Dedicated local customer service team – Local knowledge on tyres and expert contact on cheap tyres the Gold Coast

Largest range of tyres on the market – Cheap tyres for the biggest range you can find online

Check out our online store and see how you save with us up to 60% on recommended retail price!

Long Distance Tyres
Anyone who does a lot of driving and is on the road a lot will want to make sure that they have the kinds of tyres that offer them security and durability. That’s why our range of long distance range of tyres might interest you. They have higher profiles and can perform consistently, even at high speeds. It makes the overall driving experience more comfortable.

Combined with a good suspension system and the best seats, you’ll feel much more relaxed after spending a long time behind the wheel when you drive with long distance tyres on your wheel. It’s definitely something to think about and an option to consider if you haven’t done so already.

4×4 Tyres
4x4s are big motor vehicles and that’s why they require bigger tyres too. If you’re going to get the most out of your 4×4, you want to make sure that the types are right because things can be difficult for you if they’re not. Of course, it also depends on what you want to do with the motor vehicle. If you’re planning on going off-road, you’ll need big tread and bigger diameter from your tyres.

However, you can easily get away with smaller options if you’re only going to be driving your 4×4 on the road. So, it depends on your intentions and your motor vehicle; we’ll help you find the tyres that fit the requirements of both of those categories when you come to us to buy your new tyres.

Truck Tyres
Truck tyres need to be able to deal with the weight and size of the motor vehicle. And that’s why we have a range of truck tyres that can meet the many and varied types of trucks on the road. So, if you’re in need of new wheels for your truck, you should ask us about them and let us know what kind of tyres you’re looking for. We’ll strive to find the kinds of tyres that work for your motor vehicle.

The same applies to bus tyres as well. These might not be ordinary or conventional tyres, but we have specialists working for us who know about these kinds of tyres and how to help you find the ones that are right for you.

Race Tyres
If performance is what you really motor vehiclee about above all else, you might want to consider some high-quality race tyres. Of course, this doesn’t have to mean the kinds of tyres that actual racing drivers use because they’re not legal to use on the roads anyway. Instead, staggered wheels can offer that race-quality performance boost that many drivers are now looking for.

However, if you are seriously into racing, we do have a variety of race tyres that shouldn’t be used on ordinary road motor vehicles. There are various kinds of race tyres, offering various levels of grip. And we can also help you find the right kind of race tyres for drag races as well.

Choosing the Right Load Rating
Choosing a load rating is an important part of finding the tyres that are right for your motor vehicle. This is certainly true for bigger motor vehicles and motor vehicles that are going to be used to tow other things such as trailers or motor vehicleavans on the back. The tyres need to be able to deal with that load because big problems can arise for your motor vehicle if they can’t.

The load rating will tell you how good the tyres are at dealing with that kind of load on a day to day basis. We have a team of people here who will be more than happy to help you learn more about load ratings. They’ll be able to recommend which load rating you require based on the information and details you provide them with during the purchasing process.

Popular Tyre Brands
We’re proud to be able to supply all of the best tyre brands on the market to our customers. We understand that when it comes to your motor vehicle, you generally want tyres from brands that you recognise and know are reliable. That’s always the way it should be.

If we don’t have the tyres you’re looking for in stock, we’ll be able to source them for you in no time at all. Many people ask us about tyres from Dunlop, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Goodyear, Continental and Michelin; we stock tyres from all of those companies, as well as many others besides.

A Value for Money Service
We’re committed to making sure that you get real value for your money when you buy your new tyres from us. We’re proud to serve our customers and we pride ourselves on offering an honest and helpful service that allows puts the needs of the customers above all else.

No matter what kind of road tyres you’re looking for or how much you’re looking to spend on them, our team will do everything possible to help you find the tyres that are most suitable for your motor vehicle.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you think it’s time for you to buy a set of new tyres. Our online store makes it easy to find the tyres that are right for your motor vehicle. And if you need any extra help and support, you can contact us via the phone number or email address found here. Buds Tyres Partner