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Shop exclusive deals on wheels only at Bud’s Tyres Burleigh Heads. We have huge discounts available across select wheels, off-road wheels and wheel and tyre packages. We specialise in wheel and tyre packages and can offer our customers discounts across all wheel and tyre packages. Shop exclusive deals only at Bud’s Tyres on a huge selection of tyre and rim combinations. Pocket extra savings on our huge range of not only passenger and SUV packages but also 4X4 and off-road wheel and tyre packages. From alloy to mag to bead-lock to steel wheels we have got you covered. Shop our entire catalogue of wheels online here. With extra savings why not look into treating your vehicle to some new shoes?

Why Invest in Wheels?

Aftermarket wheels are quite common in new car purchases. Most individuals want to invest in a new wheel for aesthetics whether that be a sportier or more aggressive look. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to upgrade your vehicle is purchasing new wheels or a wheel and tyre package. New wheels and tyres have the ability to completely transform a vehicle and may attract a more upmarket buyer when the time comes to sell your car.

Budget Considerations

At Bud’s Tyres we stock one of the most impressive ranges of wheels on the Gold Coast. This means we offer something for every budget. We have a range of budget, mid-range and premium at discounted prices.

Alloy Vs Steel Wheels

There are quite a few considerable differences when comparing steel and alloy wheels. Generally speaking alloy wheels upgrade aesthetics and performance of your vehicle while steel wheels are more durable and less susceptible to cosmetic damage.

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Choosing the right wheel for your vehicle can be a difficult task. Wheel sizing in particular can be quite confusing and it can be possible that you select a wheel that is not suitable and will cause you a headache down the track. Talk to the experts to ensure you are getting the most out of your spend.

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