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Looking for off-road beadlock wheels Gold Coast? Bud’s Tyres Burleigh Heads have you more than covered. Are you struggling to find a tyre shop comfortable enough to fit beadlocks on your 4WD? This is due to inability and inexperience. Beadlocks require a specialist tyre technician as they require a unique and demanding fitment process. At Bud’s Tyres we specialise in all things 4WD, including beadlocks. Our talented tyre technicians have been trained in beadlock fitment.

We fit beadlock wheels at Bud’s Tyres Burleigh Heads exclusively for off-road use with access to all the big name brands and styles in beadlock wheels. Unique tyre and wheel combinations have been tried and tested from the very beginning at Bud’s. We know all there is to know about 4WD wheels. Before you proceed with booking feel free to contact one of our friendly tyre technicians to confirm your tyre, vehicle and beadlock wheel combination. Please note that you will need to put aside extra time for fitment as they take longer than a standard wheel.

What is the purpose of beadlock wheels?

Beadlock wheels are engineered specifically for serious off-road conditions and to get you out of some delicate situations. While a standard wheel is dependent on tyre pressure to maintain a tight seal between the rim and tyre, a beadlock is physically dependent on a ring claiming force to secure the rim to the tyre. The beadlock ring mechanically clamps and seals the tyres outer bead to the wheel.

Low tyre inflation pressure to improve traction, enlarge the contact path and reducing ride harshness is a non-negotiable in the off-road motorsports world. Beadlocks are over-engineered to be stronger and enforce a seal between the tyre and wheel independent of tyre inflation. This ultimately prevents the separation of the rim and tyre once tyre pressure has been reduced.

Bigger turbos and lockers are just the beginning however its the rubber attached to your 4WD that does all the hard work in precarious terrain to ensure you keep moving forward. Wheels can play just a big a part in off-road performance.

Even at 0 PSI, the tyre will not come off.

Beadlock Performance Features

  • Drive with confidence at a lower PSI in both high and low speed driving conditions.
  • Play with lower pressures than you could with a conventional wheel… stress free.
  • They look insanely good.
  • Sharp steering may result in a conventional wheel peeling away from the tyre bead. A beadlock wheel has you covered.
  • A non-beadlock wheel may result in the tyre coming off the wheel in tricky off-road conditions. A beadlock wheel physically cannot separate from the wheel.

Shop Beadlocks

The seasoned off-roader knows the benefits of investing in a good beadlock wheel. Seeking a unique wheel that is masculine, aggressive and tough to accentuate your tyres? Our range has you more than covered whether it’s a Mazda BT-50, Isuzu D-Max, Toyota Landcrusier, Toyota Hilux, Toyota Prado, Nissan Patrol, Ford Ranger orMitsubishi Triton. Some of per most popular brands on offer include KMC, Dirty Life, Fuel, Allied and Dynamic. Check out what’s on offer on our online catalogue here.

Check out the engineering behind beadlock wheels over at Method Race Wheels!

*Beadlock wheels are for off-road use only and are not DOT approved for highway road use.

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