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When do tyres need changing? Learn when to replace your tyres with Bud’s Tyres. There are a number of different safety issues that may be blatantly clear or may need investigating by your tyre technician that will lead to replacing your tyres. Motorists can generally live by the 3 – 5 year rule paired with regular tyre servicing. Factors that can contribute towards tyre wear can be anything from age to care and maintenance. While we can update you on the expected lifespan of your tyres during your next wheel alignment or tyre maintenance service, you can also come in for a free tyre safety check at any point.

Tyre Wear Guide

Tyre maintenance is crucial to not only the lifespan of our tyres but our safety too. Our lives depend on them. Ask yourself these questions:

Have I checked my tread depth recently?

Have I regularly booked my car in for a tyre rotation?

Is there a nail in my tyre or any foreign material?

Have I checked my inflation pressure recently?

Is my driving style erratic or is my car exposed to poor driving conditions?

Are any of my 4 tyres uneven or have any sidewall damage?

How old are my tyres?

Have I maintained my tyres to date?

Do I feel safe driving on these tyres?

Do I ever drive at high speeds or overload my vehicle?


Worn tyres are extremely unsafe not to mention one of the first things insurance will look at when inspecting a crash. Replace your tyres before it is too late and you receive a pretty hefty fine. If you have a feeling that your tyres probably need changing. You are probably right.

Knowing exactly when you should replace your tyres is difficult which is why it is often neglected. Tyre replacement is completely individual to the motorist. The best thing you to do is regularly check your tread depth and inflation pressure, regularly inspect your tyres for damage and uneven tread wear and keep up with tyre maintenance. The good news is tyre maintenance is very cheap and saves you replacing your tyres prematurely. Check out our tyre maintenance price guide here.

Replacing 1 Car Tyre

Tyres should be replaced in complete sets, including the spare. At Bud’s Tyres we recommend that all tyres be replaced at the same time. Most vehicle manufactures will also recommend this. If you have neglected your regular tyre rotation and associated maintenance you may have two very worn tyres and two near new tyres. Furthermore, if your brand new tyre is punctured you may only require one tyre to be replaced. However, by not replacing a full set it will promote irregular tread wear and affect your driving performance. Always speak to a tyre technician first and follow the manufactures specifications.

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