Fitting a tyre roadside

A guide to tyre repairs: Are you unsure whether you should replace your Tyre or simply repair the issue? Buds Tyres has composed a basic guide to cover the common scenarios you may come across during the lifecycle of your vehicle.

Is it worth it?

It is crucial that your tyres are in good condition, are dependable and resistant to foreign matter. Ensuring that you follow the correct tyre puncture procedure is pivotal to your safety unless the tyre should be replaced. Repairing a puncture can be cost effective, particularly if your tyre is at the beginning of its lifecycle.

Sectional Replacement

Only tyres damaged in the core and center can be repaired. The first step of further action is locating the puncture or hazard. If you find the damaged to be located on the sidewall of the tyre, you will need to replace it.

Tyre repair kits and sealant

Use industry repair methods under the advice of Buds Tyres, after removing the tyre.

What if I have a nail in my tyre?

Do not remove the nail to prevent leaking air and come in store for a free tyre check. Depending on the location of the nail, you may be able to repair the tyre.

Roadside Repair

You may need to change your flat tyre roadside, ensuring you have a jack, spare tyre and a wheel brace. Follow this simple guide on changing a flat tyre. Buds Tyres also have a range of second-hand quality tyres, a good idea to have handy as a spare tyre.

If in doubt?

We offer a range of cheap budget tyres on the Gold Coast that don’t break the bank. Out with the old and in with the new.   Anything else? Just give us a call for the best free advice and quote if needed on 0402666707.

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