Bud’s Tyres have a superior selection of alloy wheels mags and rims to pair with your new set of tyres. We also offer our customers unbeatable wheel and tyre packages. Bud’s tyres already offer heavily discounted products. So, why not save more with a wheel and tyre package?

What is the difference between wheels and rims? Whilst the two terms share essentially the same purpose and meaning they are technically different. The key difference is that the rim refers to the outer circle holding the tyre to the wheel. However, we often use both wheel and rim when talking about the same thing.

Aftermarket Wheels

Any wheel manufactured to fit a specific vehicle outside of the original manufacturer is from an aftermarket dealer. New vehicles often come with standard steel wheels. There are a number of reasons why an individual may be looking into purchasing new wheels with cosmetic reasons being the most common. A new or second hand car from a dealer will generally have steel wheels with the base model or lower spec trims. An upmarket or model with other trim levels may offer alternative wheels.

There is one thing we are certain about at Bud’s Tyres and that is if you want your car to look its best, you probably will not get what you are looking for from a car dealership.

Steel vs Alloy vs Mag Wheels

Whilst cosmetically steel wheels can look very different from alloy and mag wheels, is there much of a difference? The answer is yes. It generally comes down being made of different materials. The most common are steel wheels.

Steel Wheels

Steel wheels often come straight out of the factory with new cars due to their cost. Their cheaper price tag does compromise on strength and durability. They are made of steel after being pressed and welded into shape. The benefits of steel wheels are that they are easy to repair, offer flexibility and absorb shock ultimately protecting your cars body. They may compromise on look and variety, weight, performance and poor corrosion resistance. Steel wheels offer little variety of spoke options and finishes but are easier to maintain.

Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels are often chosen over steel wheels due to their appearance and performance however are less durable and more expensive. Their lightweight feature comes from a mixture of aluminium, nickel and other metals. This allows better handling, fuel economy, faster acceleration and less strain on the suspension of your car. If appearance is that the top of your checklist or If you own a sports, show or high performance vehicle, alloy wheels may be your best bet. They have a wide variety of spoke options and finishes offered include chrome, powder-coated, painted, machined, bare polished.

Mag Wheels

Magnesium alloy wheels are made from lightweight magnesium. They are a popular choice in racing due to their cosmetic and aesthetic features and weight enabling performance. The biggest downside is the cost and can go for almost double a conventional set of wheels.

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