Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. How does temperature impact tyres? Tyre quality and performance is put to the test in a vast range of temperatures and weather conditions. Do you know what climate your tyres are designed for?

Australians are pretty lucky that we don’t have a monumental change in temperature throughout the year. In South-East Queensland we are lucky enough that we face the cold for only a few short months of the year. However, we do not live in all-year-round hot climate and do experience winter temperatures and frequent summer storms. All-season tyres are the most popular at Bud’s Tyres to ensure you are feeling safe all-year-round. If your tyres get some major use from season to season it may be worth looking into summer and winter tyres. The two tyre designers feature a number of different things, specific to the temperature and weather conditions. The most important thing to consider is that your tyres have a safe tread depth. If your tyres are worn it doesn’t matter if they are all-season, winter or summer you are putting yourself and your passengers at risk.

All Season Tyres

All season tyres or all weather tyres are suited to most Gold Coast motorists. As the Gold Coast doesn’t usually face extreme weather conditions all season tyres offer safety throughout the entire year. They save your from changing your tyres repeatedly throughout the year by comparing elements of summer and winter tyres and can therefore brave the wind and rain. It is worth considering that we are often exposed to serve storm conditions and heavy rainfall sporadically throughout the year. An all season tyre that addresses concerns of aquaplaning.

Winter Tyres

Temperature has a major impact on tyres and winter tyres are conditioned to work better at lower temperatures. They generally feature shorter braking distances and a greater grip on the road for those icy winter mornings. Softer compounds are used for winter tyres. This compound allows for flexibility when in contact with the road ensuring that tread wear and braking distance increases.

Summer Tyres

Hot temperatures specifically are harsh on your tyres. Summer tyres are designer for hot temperatures. Harder compounds paired with a unique tread pattern are used for summer tyres. They improve grip on dry road surfaces and in wet summer storms, and target hazards like aquaplaning.

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