How to clean car tyres. When washing your car, tyres are often missed or skimmed over while the rest of your vehicle gets a bit of extra attention. Sometimes we may think that they will get dirty straight away after direct road contact or believe that they are black so most dirt is hidden anyway. However, washing your car tyres should be an important part of your maintenance routine. Whilst you may think attending to your tyres when washing your car is just for cosmetic reasons, there are also important things that can be missed when this is skipped. Washing tyres and wheels is all about the products and method used. Once you nail this, you’ll never go back to your old car washing habits.

The Importance of Washing Car Tyres

Washing your tyres will bring attention to tyre wear and tear including nails or foreign objects, sidewall cracking, underinflation or overinflation and uneven tread wear. By keeping tyres clean you remove damaging and corrosive elements that can cut your tyre life short. If applying a tyre dressing you will need a clean work surface for the product to bond to, otherwise the product will not work. Cleaning wheels can completely transform the look of your vehicle and make it shine like new. Clean wheels can make a huge impact. While cleaning wheels is important for cosmetic reasons, it also keeps away any corrosive materials. Cleaner tyres will provide better traction and enhanced braking.

Cleaning your tyres and wheels is without a doubt the most annoying part of cleaning your car. Tyres and wheels are in direct contact with the road so are typically are exposed to the most dirt. Brake dust is very fine and will also stick to the wheel and will further be baked on from the heat and sun.

Recommended Products

You will need:

Car Wash

Wheel Cleaner

Tyre Shine

A Microfibre Cloth



Wheel Brush

Cleaning Tyres and Wheels

Begin by cleaning off any loose debris with a hose or pressure hose before washing the tyre and wheel with car wash or an approved tyre-cleaning solution. Leave product to settle for 10 minutes before cleaning with a brush or sponge. Throughly rise the tyre and wheel with a hose or pressure hose before drying with a microfibre cloth and applying a tyre dressing or wax.

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