Route, snacks and music mapped out for the long drive ahead? What more do you need? We have a few extra tips here at Bud’s Tyres to prepare you for your next road trip to ensure you a seamless drive to get you to your destination safely. Whether you are driving along an established highway or following a rural, outback route, one should follow a simple tyre and vehicle checklist before departure.

Spare Tyre and Tools

Our first and most important tip is to double-check you have a spare tyre in your vehicle. Secondly, the appropriate tools including a jack and tyre iron if you need to change a punctured or flat tyre.

Headlights and Brake lights

There should be no issues with your vehicle lights and signals when driving in poor weather conditions or at night. Test these at night before your departure.

Tyre Pressure and Tread Depth

Normal car tyre pressure should be 32 PSI paired with a tread depth of 1.6mm. You can check your tyre pressure with a pressure gauge and check your tyre wear by using a tread gauge. You should also rotate your tyres regularly and get a wheel alignment when appropriate.

You can also:

Change Your Engine Oil and Fluids Monitor Your Cars Air Pressure Check Your Car Battery Our final tip, plan for the worst. Always keep a copy of your roadside assistance customer number in the glovebox, with a direct contact number saved in your phone. If you break down locally, contact Movin Mobile Mechanical, based in Burleigh Heads. You may also want to bring a copy of your car insurance policy. Following the completion of your checklist and preparing for your next road trip, if you have concluded that you need to visit Bud’s Tyres for a range of wheel services and packages, call our friendly team on 0402666707.

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