Purchasing budget tyres can leave you second guessing yourself. Budget tyres are generally sold at a reduced cost for a reason. Cheap new tyres and second hand tyres keep the bank account happy. However, does purchasing within a selective price range mean you are compromising on safety, quality and longevity? How do you make the best, budget friendly choice?

Ultimately a more expensive tyre will offer more features, advanced technology, superior design, longevity and performance. A good quality mid-range tyre will often end up costing you less in the long run. We highly recommend considering investing in your tyre. However, we understand that tyres can be expensive and you may be restricted to a used or budget tyre.

Fortunately, there are a number of budget friendly options that still offer safety and performance that you can feel confident driving with. The benefit of shopping at Bud’s Tyres is that we sell the exact same tyres on offer at any other tyre retailer on the Gold Coast for a reduced cost. We also have a superior selection of good condition, second hand tyres that allow you to purchase a higher quality, premium tyre at a reduced cost. Finance options such as AfterPay and ZipPay are offered in-store to alleviate the financial stress of purchasing a mid-range or premium tyre. The team at Bud’s Tyres are here to help you find the best, cheapest tyre.

The truth about budget tyres

If asked for a tyre recommendation detached from budget, it is highly unlikely we will recommend a budget tyre. You should steer clear of the cheapest tyre brands on offer unless you speak to the team at Bud’s Tyres about your driving requirements first. For example a number of imports are not suitable for Australia’s harsh driving and weather conditions. ThThere are a reasonable selection of budget tyres on the higher end of the scale that could be a good option for your vehicle.

On offer at Bud’s Tyres

Tyre selection and fitting at Bud’s Tyres is a winner for individuals who are budget conscious. We have big name brands without the big name price tags. All prices are already reduced across our tyre range. This means we offer exactly the same product as tyre retailers across the Gold Coast without inflating the price tag.

Our part worn range has been carefully inspected for any damage or faults and prioritise safety first. We only source the best condition used tyres for resale.

We have interest free finance options in-store such ZipPay to alleviate any financial stress, particularly if choosing to invest in a better tyre.

Our in-store offers are unbeatable. These offers include:
Discounted wheel and tyre packages
Free tyre safety check
Free brake check
Puncture repair for life (upon the purchase for four new tyres)
Free tyre rotation (for every 10,000 km’s for the life of your new tyre purchase upon purchase of four new tyres)
5% student and senior discount (upon presentation of a valid concession card or senior discount card)
Used tyres fitted starting from $39
New tyres fitted starting from $65
4WD tyres fitted starting from $65

Value for money

An affordable tyre does not necessarily mean a budget range tyre. Certain tyres and brands exist that offer not just safety but also feature the most important things such as wet and dry handling ability and braking efficiency. There are high end budget tyres and mid-range tyres on the lower end of the price scale to potentially accomodate your needs. A premium expensive tyre may not be the best option for your driving needs and vehicle. Value for money is about being informed. The team at Bud’s Tyres can talk you through all features and specifications of each and every tyre within your price range. All tyres sold by us adhere to the standards specified in the Australian Design Rules (ADR) and are roadworthy. An extra $10 per tyre potentially will make a notable difference across the entire lifespan of your tyres. It will generally also increase this lifespan.

There is a major difference from a budget tyre to a premium tyre. These differences may include but are not limited to: quality of construction, technology, materials, product testing, higher or lower grade rubber compounds and research.

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