Wheel alignment and wheel balancing Gold Coast are two essential tyre services offered at a budget price at our Burleigh Heads store. Talk with our team of experts to find out if you need either service.

What is the difference? Wheel alignment vs wheel balance.

Often, these two terms are confused as the same. These processes are however, quite different. A wheel alignment will align the wheels to an suitable angle for enhanced driving performance. Wheel balancing involves weight distribution of your vehicles wheel.

How much is a wheel alignment and wheel balance?

At Bud’s Tyres a wheel alignment in-store is $50 and a wheel balance is $15 per wheel.

Wheel Alignment

Have you ever felt your car pulling in a certain direction? This indicates you need a wheel alignment. We recommend this service if your car is pulling to the left or right, installation of new tyres or otherwise once every 2 or 3 years. What this service involves is the adjustment of your vehicle’s suspension. Other symptoms may involve uneven tread wear, vibrating or squealing. These symptoms are like those of an unbalanced wheel hence why it is best to give us a call if you are unsure. A wheel alignment can extend the life of your tyre. Ultimately, it will get your car back to driving how it should.

Wheel Balance

Is weight unevenly distributed across your wheels? You will need a wheel balance. This weight imbalance can become evident if your steering wheel is vibrating as your speed increases. You can sometimes feel this throughout the whole car. Other symptoms may involve uneven tread wear and compromised fuel economy. How will your car run after a wheel balance? Smooth. Following a wheel balance by your mechanic or tyre specialist, you will notice a huge difference in your car’s performance ensuring a safe and comfortable ride.

Find out about Car Tyre Rotation. Otherwise, check out this video here that further explains wheel alignments.

Cheap Wheel Alignment

If you are looking for a store that offers cheap wheel alignments on the Gold Coast without or without a tyre service, Bud’s Tyres offers an unbeatable price, starting at $60. Why not choose this cheap wheel alignment service offered on the Gold Coast? It can take from thirty minutes to an hour to complete your wheel alignment.

Steering and suspension is compromised from your vehicle manufacture factory settings when your tyres are exposed to irregularities upon your journey such as exposure to potholes or roadside curbs. Habitually, a wheel alignment is neglected as it can be viewed as a superficial service. However, a wheel alignment should be valued to avoid premature wear, uneven wear, increased fuel use, directional gravitating and compromised stability.

You may need a realignment if…

  • Your vehicle is pulling to one side when driving
  • Certain tyres are wearing more than others
  • You have been in a minor, superficial crash or have run over a pothole
  • After your steering or suspension has been repaired
  • Follow your new tyre replacement from Bud’s Tyres
  • Before and after a road trip or if you drive long distances often

Ultimately a wheel alignment can boost the lifecycle of your tyres. The safety of you and your passengers is the most important. This is why we recommend you get a wheel alignment when needed. If tyres wear harmoniously, you may only need to come in once to replace all tyres rather than one at a time reflective of wear. If there are no issues with your vehicle and you do not drive long distances often, you can wait 12 months up to 3 years. This may save you money in the long-term by ensuring the life of your tyres, performance, and safety. Successive of your in-store visit and cheap wheel alignment, you may want to rotate your tyres.

Wheel Rotation Gold Coast

Bud’s Tyres offers a wheel rotation service on the Gold Coast. This service ensures the maximum lifecycle of your tyres. Uneven tyre wear is reflective of your vehicle and driving habits. However, there is almost no way to avoid uneven tyre wear.

To ultimately save you money, our professional team can provide a tyre rotation service. While you think your front tyres may be worn, often they can be rotated to ensure you are safer on our Gold Coast roads. Enhanced grip and stable steering are two reasons to get your tyres rotated. Evenly worn tyres alleviate other driving components, such as fuel consumption. Weight distribution varies depending on your vehicle and will reflect upon your tread wear.

Depending on your vehicle, wheels may be rotated differently long durability of tyre tread. For example, a 4WD may be cross rotated with the rear swapped with the alternative front. A straight rotation on a standard vehicle may involve swapping the rear tyres with their mirrored front. Tyres can be directionally rotated in almost any way you can think of, depending on tread wear. A tyre professional can study tread wear patterns and adjust accordingly.

A wheel balance can also be done at the same time as a wheel rotation. A wheel alignment and tyre pressure check could be another thing to tick of the to-do-list while rotating wheels. Most vehicle manufactures recommend a tyre rotation every 10,000km. This can be found in the owners manual. We believe this is up to your discretion and you should monitor tread wear and respond accordingly. However, if you are experienced a wheel rotation could also be done at home.

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