Find Falken Tyres at Bud’s Tyres Burleigh Heads. Discover our range of Fallen tyres at discounted prices exclusive to Bud’s Tyres. Shop the full range of Fallen right here on our website. The tyre brand is growing in popularity among our customers and we are receiving outstanding feedback. If you are looking for a highly sophisticated tyre, Falken may be your match. The brand is designed to enhance handling and safety, fuel efficiency and comfort while promoting unique and speciality designs.

Falken was founded in Japan in the 80s and with their ongoing collaboration in motorsport events has evolved into an ultra-high performance product known for designing winning tyres for race and performance vehicles. The companies heavy involvement in motorsports acts as a channel to develop and translate new technologies and innovations to passenger vehicles. Their products focus on niche tyre markets which means you can find a tyre match specific to your vehicles demands and driving conditions such as climate and terrain.

Speciality Designs

Falken have mastered a range of highly sophisticated products with a superior tread design beyond compare. They have steered clear of creating a universal product to accomodate the average consumers but have rather zoned in on niche consumer groups that require a tyre to suit individual driving conditions. A huge focus is on tyres for specific vehicle types, particular seasons and terrains.


Falken’s quality is unmatched. Their range of products is flawless in design and functionality, guaranteeing that each tyre is of the highest quality. Technological advancements in the traditional manufacturing process sees each individual tyre an exact match to its design. Quality is synonymous to the Falken name and is indisputable across their entire product range.


With fuel prices at an all time high a fuel-efficient tyre is just what you need. Fuel-efficiency is a priority to the engineers at Falken so much so that they use advanced 4D Nano design technology. The technology addresses noise levels, heat absorption, rolling resistance and wet weather performance to ultimately promote a fuel-efficient tyre.

Comfort and Precise Handling

Comfort and safety are features that the average driver prioritises in a tyre. With a high-end tyre comfort and handling is expected however, Falken take the concept of precise handling to a whole new level while promoting a comfortable drive. The company commits to delivering speed, stability and safety in wet and dry conditions. This is where their involvement in motorsports comes in. Product design features built-in elements that improve handling of the vehicle such as a centre rib and high-tension build characteristics. Product design also incorporates silent core technology and soundproofing. These features touch on driver confidence and safety by decreasing wheel spin when accelerating, stability, quick and responsive motorsports cornering, control all while eliminating tyre noise.

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