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You may already know we are 4WD enthusiasts at Bud’s Tyres. What you may not know, is how much we love vintage cars. You have come to the right place for all things classic, vintage and cars.

Vintage Cars at Bud’s Tyres

We may be able to order in your ideal tyres for your classic car. Alternatively, we can fit almost any tyre you bring in. This also includes vintage or vintage style rims. We understand the value of your car and the story behind it, so all work will be done with extreme caution and care.

Lloyds Chopper Shop

Just up the road on Hutchinson Street is Lloyds Chopper Shop. This workshop and event space is the home of 1936-1975 Harley Davidson Motorcycles.

Cooly Rocks On

Take note of the tyres next time you visit the Coolangatta classic car, music and culture event!

The History of Tyres

Tyres have been around ever since the invention of the automobile. The circular shape alone has come into play in a number of historical inventions in actioning movement. Wood was the first tyre material used with leather being added later for a softer ride. Successively, rubber replaced leather. The first rubber tyre was solid. The first tyres filled with air were rubber tyres fitted to metal wheels in 1888. Natural rubber became an available substitute in the 1930s to increase tyre production. Following, was a method of research, trial and error that we still use today.

Technological advancements have seen the stylised tyres, racing tyres, everyday tyres and vehicle-specific tyres that we know today test the boundaries. Every day we are looking at newer and better ways to improve driving performance and safety. There is an endless selection of tyres today. Therefore, today you have a large number of choices to reflect your driving habits, vehicle and driving conditions.

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