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Travel by road is on the rise and Bud’s Tyres is here to sort out your caravan and motorhome tyres on the Gold Coast. Travelling around Australia in a moving home is on the bucket list for just about every Australian. The road trip is almost a right of passage, a tradition for Aussies. In 2021, a home on wheels has become our greatest travel essential. Whether it be for a quick weekend getaway or an extended vacation, Australia never gets old.

A holiday is a holiday, made for relaxing and sightseeing. No one wants to be changing a blown tyre on the side of a desert road or calling a tow truck on their holiday. If the correct safety checks are not undertaken before departure you may find yourself in hot water. A caravan or motorhome tyre is under at least double the stress of a standard passenger vehicle. A blow or under-inflated tyre and overloaded vehicle has the ability to cause structural damage or an accident.

It should be at the top of your ‘to do’ list before setting off to run through the safety of your vehicle. Our team can assist you with the right tyres to tow your vehicle, tyre construction, load rating. We have a substantial selection of light truck (LT) tyres, honouring a tougher, robust tyre with sidewall stability and strength against road debris.

Hinterland Caravans Burleigh Heads is just a few minutes from our Burleigh Heads location. If you are yet to purchase a new or used van we highly recommend checking their caravan yard out!

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