At one point you will find yourself asking, can I drive with a nail in my tyre? We have all been there. How long can I leave it in for? Can my tyre be repaired for the puncture? Getting a nail in your tyre can be a huge inconvenience. In some circumstances it can be dangerous and costly.

If you are not regularly checking your tyres you may notice a nail in your tyre if you experience steering changes, strange noises, blowout, slow puncture or have trouble accelerating.

Is it unsafe to drive with a nail in my tyre?

If you spot a nail in your tyre and ignore it, you will find yourself in a difficult or potentially dangerous situation at some point. As long as the nail isn’t allowing air leakage and it is smaller you can continue driving on it for a limited amount of time for a day or so. However, this may lead to the nail puncturing the inner layer of the tyre as you drive. You could limit any further damage by bringing in your car immediately.

Screws and larger nails allow for a deeper puncture and more room for a air leak. Positioning of the nail should also be considered when determining the urgency of the damage. If the nail is located on the tyres sidewall it is crucial your tyre is replaced. Driving with a nail in your tyre can potentially cause a blowout or lead to having to replace the whole tyre. If your air pressure is low in that tyre you should fill it up before driving to your nearest tyre shop.

Can my tyre be repaired if I have a nail in it?

Your tyre can be repaired depending on the location of the nail and extent of the damage. A puncture repair may still slightly limit the life of the tyre in some circumstances. By regularly checking your tyres for a nail and being aware of the warning signs you may catch a puncture before it is too late. Then you may not have to replace the whole tyre. A tyre will need replacing depending on the size of the nail or screw and location.

Should I remove a nail from my tyre?

If you find a nail in your tyre do not remove it. The nail will be blocking any major air leakage. The only situation in which you should remove the tyre is if you have the tools and knowledge to change the tyre or can plug the tire yourself.


The cost of a puncture repair generally starts at $30.00. If the tyre is damaged beyond repair a new tyre will needed to be fitted.

If you are unsure about what steps to take and the urgency of the puncture you can always call the team at Bud’s Tyres to direct you.

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