What are run flat tyres and what are the benefits? Find out all you need to know on run flat tyres in the following guide by the team at Bud’s Tyres.

Tyre Failure

Run flat tyres are designed to keep your car moving even when the tyre has been punctured or the structure has been compromised in any way, shape or form. It is arguably one of the most annoying occurrences when your tyre fails when driving and ultimately is incredibly dangerous. Driving at high speeds accelerates the danger and compromises the safety of you and your passengers in the scenario of tyre failure. This may result in the loss of control of your vehicle. When you are exposed to an unsafe scenario, timing is everything. Changing your tyre on the side of the highway isn’t the most ideal solution nor is it the safest, especially art night.

Reinforced Sidewall

Unfortunately, a standard tyre will often result in a tyre puncture or similar at some point. Run flat tyres avoid the hazard and are time permitting. If the structure of a tyre is compromised this means the sidewall becomes separated from the wheel due to loss of internal air pressure. How do run flat tyres prevent this from happening? They are designed to keep your tyre moving despite loss of air pressure. This means that your rim is not at risk of making contact with the road surface as they feature a reinforced sidewall.

The Disadvantage

There are very minimal disadvantages which are more so things to be expected.

Limitations on Distance

A tyre won’t last forever if it has been punctured or torn and will need to be taken care of quickly within reason whether it requires a replacement or repair. You can continue driving at a reduced speed (maximum of 80 km/h) and a reasonable distance depending on the manufacturer. You cannot drive indefinitely and the expected travel distance is 80km. Please note this is only a guide and the prospective speed and distance is specified by the manufacturer.

Limited Options

Your vehicle must offer run flat technology. Your vehicle must run a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS). Tyre sizes, styles and brands are limited however with increased popularity there is now more to offer.

The Benefits


There is no mad rush to change your tyre right there on the spot. Conventional tyres require immediate attention or a tow truck. There is also no need to carry a spare.


Run flat tyres can keep you out of a sticky situation. They also provide enhanced control and stability of your vehicle.

Are They Right For Me?

The benefits of run flat tyres outweigh the negatives. Essentially, vehicle specifications and a tyre pressure monitoring system regulate if you can even look into getting them. However, you can always talk to the team in-store or over the phone to find out if you can fit this style of tyre to your vehicle. So, if you are not confident changing a tyre or do not want to carry a spare this might be a great option. Furthermore, if you do a lot of highway driving, driving at high speeds or travelling across roads that are isolated or may pose difficulties upon changing a tyre roadside we highly recommend run flat tyres.

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