can tyres explode

It is something you have never seen before, and you may ask yourself can tyres explode? Tyres do explode but the happening is more often referred to as a blowout or burst tyre. What does one do in the event of a tyre explosion? Is there anything preventative measures than can be taken to avoid such an event? Does a tyre explosion damage the rims of a vehicle?

There are a number of cautionary steps you can follow to ensure your safety and the safety of your passengers if your tyre explodes while driving. You should pretty much straight away from the loud boom of your tyre popping and subsequent sounds of air and flapping. Your steering will be impacted and often will start pulling to one side. You should not make any sudden movements such as slamming the brakes, this is the most dangerous thing you can do. Begin to slowly move to the side of the road while indicating to other motorists of an incident using your hazard light and come to a complete stop. The next and final step is to call roadside assistance, a tow truck or mobile tyre service.


When the structure of the tyre is compromised it will generally cause a blowout. This could be due to your tyre pressure or PSI. You should frequently check tyre pressure to ensure they are not under-inflated or over-inflated. Heat can further compromise tyre pressure. So, we recommend you check your PSI before and during a long road-trip or heatwave. Overloading your vehicle and exposure to road debris may also be a cause. A tyre explosion may also be age related. Not only can the event damage your wheels, it can also damage your rims and in some scenarios other parts of the vehicle or cause an accident.

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