4WD Beach Rules and Safety

We are a large stockist of a number of 4WD tyre brands. It just makes sense that a large number of our customer base are 4WD tyres enthusiasts. We are big fans off all things off-road so here are some 4WD beach rules and safety tips for your next adventure.

In Queensland we have access to some of the best beaches. While the Gold Coast and Burleigh Heads may be limiting to beach access, there are many surrounding beaches perfect for off-road driving.

You can check out existing regulations from the QLD government here.

So, where can I drive?

You can contact your local council regarding permits and beach driving restrictions. They can give you an answer whether or not it is legal to drive at a certain beach. You may also find information of the website of the park.


Your responsibility as a driver is to be considerate to wildlife and practice safety measures to cause little disturbance to people on the beach. If in doubt follow the normal road rules.

You should

Be trained in what to do in the case of an emergency, towing or snatch strap recovery. Travelling at low tide is ideal.

Be aware of weight distribution.

Drive on the harder sand when possible.

Carry a tyre pressure gauge. Be aware of your vehicles tyre inflation requirements.

Track conditions.

To ensure your safety and they safety of your passengers your vehicle must be built and prepared for beach driving. Firstly, your 4WD should have a high clearance and low range gear selection. Secondly, know your vehicle. Make sure it can cope with deep and soft sand, anomalies, poor conditions, bumpy tracks and is not overly top heavy. And thirdly, bring the appropriate gear such as a pressure gauge, first aid kit, water, portable pump and shovel.

4WD Tyres and Beach Driving

Australia arguably has the best beaches in the world for 4WD driving. Driving in the sand follows its own set of rules. Here are our best basic tips for driving off-road.

4WD Cheat Sheet

Vehicle Modification

Small vehicle lifts and investing in a bigger tyre can go a long way. Otherwise, functional additions such as roof racks and spotlights can come in handy. Only you know the conditions you plan to be driving in. You can accessorize your 4WD accordingly reflective of environmental conditions.

Lower Tyre Pressure

To ensure you do not bury your tyres in the sand, lower the tyre pressure. This will allow your vehicle to stay on top of the sand rather than dig into it. We recommend a PSI of 15 to 20.


Your speed range should be within 20km/h to 60km/h. The harder the sand is with fewer obstacles, the quicker you can go.

Turning Around

Reverse as much as possible. Otherwise, turn towards the water following a decreasing, sloped angle. Your vehicle will most likely struggle driving up a slope, in the sand.

Vehicle Recovery

We recommend you take a shovel with you to dig a path to recover your car if it gets stuck. You can also lower the tyre pressure. You can attempt to push the car out with your passengers or call for the assistance of a nearby car to help pull it out. Drive with caution near the water or in areas with an incoming tide. Traction boards and a snatch strap should be an addition to any 4WD vehicle.


Watch out for rust! Wash your car after and do not forget to wash underneath.

Bud’s Tyres are experts in 4WD tyres. If you are unsure which tyres your car requires for driving off-road in certain conditions, give us a call or visit us in-store.

Here are 10 of the Best Australian Beach Drives.

Best VIC 4WD Road Trips

First stop Bud’s Tyres Burleigh Heads. Last stop, Victoria. Bud’s is here to list the best VIC 4WD road trips so you can make the most out of your great Australian road trip. With international borders firmly shut domestic travel by road is looking better than ever.

You may be investing a large amount of time in travelling. Upon leaving from the Gold Coast why not check out Queensland and New South Wales on the way? If this sounds like a plan check out our previous blog posts on QLD road trips and NSW road trips and make the most out of our coastline.

Victoria is relatively small in comparison to other Australian states. Regardless, the state is definitely not lacking in potential adventure with a lot to see and do.

The Great Ocean Road

Every second Australian has explored The Great Ocean Road so why haven’t you? If you have… why not do it again? It never gets old. It is one of our most famous road trips and there is no confusion as to why. Along the way you will find a number of charming little seaside towns, surf, endless coastal views and fury friends. You can do the drive in a matter of hours but its only done right over a few days.

Regional Victoria

Millions travel to Victoria over an average year and very few experience the state outside of Melbourne. A road trip around regional Victoria will give you a holiday most never get to experience. Deciding to take the regional route can be tailored to suit your ideal adventure. The road can take you anywhere from the coastal town of Torquay to the historical Ballarat and finally to the waterfalls of Trentham and beyond. Check out Tourism Australia’s top 10 regional destinations here.

The Murray River

If you are a big foodie and love a wine this one is for you. Although it does run across the border of NSW and VIC, it is a great first stop. You can spend around 4-10 days driving across the river stopping at historic towns on the way. The scenery alone is worth the drive but the food and wine experience is a real game changer.

Best NSW Road Trips

Australia is the lucky country. We truly are lucky to have a natural playground at our doorstep. The best NSW road trips are waiting for you. Now is the time to invest in a great set of tyres and set out to see the things you can only see by road. If you call your home the Gold Coast, just like us at Bud’s Tyres, NSW is a viable travel option by car. It takes no longer than 50 minutes to reach the NSW border and for some Gold Coast residents, it only a few minutes. NSW offers a range of seasonal travel options.

In the Summer

Nothing compares to an Australia summer by the beach. Slow living is what it is all about along the coast.

Byron Bay

The South Coast

Foster to Coffs Harbour

Spring and Autumn

Lush Greenery can be found all year round across the state. However, the best times to experience these destinations is in the spring and autumn.

The Hunter Valley

The Grand Pacific Drive

Blue Mountains

In the Winter

NSW is one of only two states in Australia that experience snow. You will find some great snow and ski resort options. While in Winter, it may be too cold to make the most of the coast and nature, Sydney and Canberra have an extensive list of activities and sightseeing you won’t forget.


Canberra and the Snowy Mountains

So there you have it. Some of the best NSW road trips. Check out our previous blog post on the ultimate Australian road trip here.

Best QLD 4WD Road Trips

Is your vehicle and tyres road trip ready? The team at Bud’s tyres is here to prepare your vehicle to experience the best QLD 4WD road trips. A trip around QLD can take you from a densely populated urban area to sandy beaches, rough elevated terrain, desert landscape or tropical rainforests. Your tyres should be suitable for any planned trip to ensure you get the most out of your experience. If you are doing a lot of highway driving your choice in tyre should be completely different to a tyre that will be predominately taken around off-road driving tracks. We are here to help you make the best choice. In the meantime, here is a list of the best QLD 4WD road trips.

Coast to Coast

If you are all about the beach life a coast to coast trip might be the option for you. QLD is the home of the Great Barrier Reef and other extraordinary coastal experiences.

Gold Coast to Cairns

Cairns to Cooktown

The Pacific Coast

Fraser Island

The Sunshine Coast

Tropical North Queensland

Outback Setting

Almost 80% of Australians live within a coastal zone. To many Australians, the outback may be unexplored territory and a once in a lifetime opportunity. Approximately 40% of Australias land is desert while a larger percentage of land is uninhabited. Most of us have never had a reason to travel across the desert, so why not now?

Matilda Way

Queenslands Scenic Rim

Australia is a role model in the global fight against COVID-19. We are almost back to living life as we knew it before the pandemic. Although state border restrictions are almost obsolete it is fair to say no individual could mask the frustration of missing out on another domestic holiday. Hence why interstate travel may not be the best option for you. Planning a trip within QLD is a risk-free option that you may have never considered with international travel on the cards.

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